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Will S

Just played a round with a Red No. 1 Test Ball today. No perceived long club distance improvement against other balls that I use, Pro V1, Z star, TP5, but I felt the ball flew straighter with the longer clubs which gave me confidence on the tee. A pure strike with shorter irons and the ball seemed to fizz off the club face, giving 5 - 10 yards extra carry. This gave me some worry early in the round as I thought it may be a little firm for good short game play, but was nicely pleased that it gave a soft feel on chip shots and checked up nicely.

Laurent G

Received two sleeves, three red and three black.

Red balls have too much spin for me, so any slicing was amplified. Hence I have lost all three quickly.

The Black balls are better; still have all three, and they go straighter. Note, straighter, not straight, as I, like all amateurs, am nowhere near good!

I would like to know WHAT I was sent, please.......

Nathan F

Strange that I had the opposite results with the two sleeves that I  received from R&D. I would select the RED ones over the Black  due to me having all around better performance from RED , I saw more spin into the green but less off my driver and fairway woods. I 'm not sure either would become my favorite ball to play but as I stated in another blog I consider this to be a combination of NXT -Solo.