Just played a round with a Red No. 1 Test Ball today. No perceived long club distance improvement against other balls that I use, Pro V1, Z star, TP5, but I felt the ball flew straighter with the longer clubs which gave me confidence on the tee. A pure strike with shorter irons and the ball seemed to fizz off the club face, giving 5 - 10 yards extra carry. This gave me some worry early in the round as I thought it may be a little firm for good short game play, but was nicely pleased that it gave a soft feel on chip shots and checked up nicely.

Received two sleeves, three red and three black.

Red balls have too much spin for me, so any slicing was amplified. Hence I have lost all three quickly.

The Black balls are better; still have all three, and they go straighter. Note, straighter, not straight, as I, like all amateurs, am nowhere near good!

I would like to know WHAT I was sent, please.......

Strange that I had the opposite results with the two sleeves that I  received from R&D. I would select the RED ones over the Black  due to me having all around better performance from RED , I saw more spin into the green but less off my driver and fairway woods. I 'm not sure either would become my favorite ball to play but as I stated in another blog I consider this to be a combination of NXT -Solo.