Test Balls

I also received a sleeve of the test balls and loved them. Pretty similar to the NXT S that I normally use. 

I also received a sleeve of test balls. Red Numbers. They worked extremely well everywhere except off the tee and on long  approaches. I felt a distance loss of as much as 10%. But close to the green, and on the green, there was a great feel of the club and the putter enjoyed the change too. Excellent and consistent flight patterns and it seemed to me they were less likely to wander on errant strikes.

I also did not get the follow-up email. I registered after an ace earlier this year but changed my email address after that (you don't think that could be the reason do you?). Anyway I have re-registered, same name different email guys at Titleist.

Another round today with red number one again found extra length from off tee and fairways ball still feels hard off putter face but some practise in week with balls resolves some of feel and length issues that I have maybe an insert in putter face may help again ball still not scuffed or discoloured apart from hitting tree one of my favourite thing about ball after two rounds still looks new flight was very good into wind and with winds gusting from side across fairways ball not as soft as black number one  ball is growing on me once again many thanks Titleist for the chance to test these balls for you hope I have been some help with what I have written

Played another round on Saturday , 1st day of winter and it's 74 degrees. I still found the Red number ball to be the better of the two. It just seems to me that the Black number ball has less yardage and not as workable on shots as the Red ones. I can't actually get any more yardage from these than I do from the NXT but the Red holds a green very well on high  shots or just a soft chip . I really like the idea of getting a chance to play a ball that R&D has put out to see what an average golfer thinks. I keep trying to compare these others that I have played and the Red would be my selected ball over the Black just for the precise play around the green. I need a ball that holds when I'm trying to get close to the pin and doesn't just run on out.

I got a sleeve in mail with black letters and red numbers in Nov There was a note with sleeve saying I would get email asking for feedback - never got the email So I will post here - tested against current NXT tour and Cally Chrome My SS is in 90-49 range - am 6 hdcp Was able to test in NC late November - high 60's temp - 9 holes only The test balls performed very well I was able to hit all 3 on all shots - hit order was random Longer by 5-10 steps on every drive Iron distance same 100 yds in - got one hop and stop 8/9 holes Chipping/Putting - ball was softer than the other two Was impressed - yet to read anything about what ball version was tested either here or at GolfWRX forums It would start the year as my gamer if I knew what it was Titleist - Thank you for this opportunity Bernie