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Kelly H

Ok, how many remember the professional tour 90?  Such good feel.  Came across a sleeve of them last summer and boy did I like them.  My swing speed is at or just slightly more than 100mph and it just seems I can feel the ball on the club face better than any other I've played .  Is the Pro v1 as close to the Professional 90 as I can get.  Thanks for your ideas. KJH

des taggart

I remember and loved them. Weren't they called the "SF"? Or am I confusing it with a different ball?


The Professional was a great ball.  But, if I remember correctly, you could really put a nice scuff or cut in one of those.  The ProV1s have much better cover.

Craig W

Yes, the pro v is the modern day professional.

David C

I still think that was the best feeling ball that I have ever played. I really wish they were still around. Now that I am older I have started using the provx for the distance. They do feel pretty good but nothing like the prof90. My wife got me a dozen of the prov's on accident. I am going to try and use these again. Hopefully they will be close. I have heard people say they are the same with a harder cover. Well, that's what I liked about them is the soft cover. Anyway, sorry for babbling on your discussion...

Josh G

I loved this ball.  This was the first ball that I felt "made a difference" when I hit it.  I have to say the Pro V1 is a huge improvement overall, but the short game with the Professional 90 was unreal!

James G

I have my one and only Hole In One with a Titleist Professional 90 that sits on the shelf looking out at me everyday. For sure will never forget that ball. It was silky wasn't it.

Thanks for the walk back down memory lane. Loved those professionals.

Cheers TT.