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Hi every one. I found 2 boxes of TD100  I think they are from the early 2000's are they still playable?

Dallin H

There's only one way to find out...go and play them.

Josh G

I'm sure they are.  They'll probably fly a bit shorter due to being old both physically and technologically.  Enjoy the Tour Distance

Frank P

I moved to Florida 4 years ago. A couple of months ago, I came across 4 dozen Tour Distance in a box I had laying in the garage, where it's 100 degrees in the summer. I probably bought these in Costco, when I lived in New York. Anyhow , I used them and they were just fine.

                                        Frank P.

Don O

The 100 is relative to the compression, so it will be firmer than balls marketed now. I think ProvV1 is closer to 90.  They can be played, but I wouldn't bother trying them with money on the line.  Guys on the senior tour are longer now than when they were 40, and they use current equipment. 


Randy K

I think they still make these balls for discount stores.