2014 Prototype Balls are out!

Interesting picture for test balls. I hope to get mine, especially if it is the new ProV.

I also received two sleeves of prototype balls today, 3 x dots and 3 x diamonds. I managed to walk 6 holes after work today playing both balls on each hole.

I'll play and practice some more with them before commenting fully, but I can tell you this.....I'm very excited!!

Hope I get mine soon!!!
I wondered that myself. It's so wet here I couldn't tell that much. The square was a long one though.
Got mine today, can't wait to try them out this weekend.

Got mine today. With dot and square or diamond according to how you see it. Will start testing today. 

Got mine and played both balls alternating holes yesterday. Today I will chip and pitch exclusively on our practice area with both balls. My gut so far is that they are both similar. One thing I noticed is that when I made a good swing with my driver these balls go as far or further than the proV1x that I like to play. Also they seem to go straighter with very little fade or draw with the exception of a couple of hooks yesterday ( bad swings). After one round I would say it is a tie between the square and the circle. With my 3 wood and 17 degree hybrid off the fairway they rocket out low and straight which is a little different than the higher trajectory I am used to seeing although the distance is the same or a little further. More testing to come.

Patience all...... I was told I'm getting them and they haven't arrived yet; and I'm 30 minutes from Titleist!

I haven't seen them yet but look forward to everyone's thoughts. This is one of the coolest things Titleist does for it's players. (Even the "non staff" players like us :) 

I'm hoping they're in the mailbox when i get home!

looking for a few sleeves!

Love testing any and all Titleist products!

I hope i recieve the 2014 titleist prototype golf balls.

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I have religiously been a long time Pro V1X player, but have never once been sent any Titleist golf balls to test. I was at the Heritage last week and the Titleist rep down there told me the PGA pros had the new Pro V1 prototypes on the range and were testing them.  Pretty cool that we the regular golfers are receiving prototypes to test a week later.

I just wish Titleist would send this 5 handicapper who plays 60 rounds a year some balls to test sometime.

Looks pretty cool. Hope they are the new Pro V line

I also got mine today. I will play on Sunday, and will play the squares on the front and he circles on the back 9. Just by doing the fingernail test, both seem to be soft covers, but the square ball seems a little bit softer. I will hit all shots from all distances, since I am knocking off a years worth of rust, and my ball flies everywhere right now. I will post some feedback on Monday. So far, they seem to roll very nice on my putting green out back, no difference between them and the prov1x's I usually play.

I've never been included but still live in hope. Weather finally improving in north east England so come one Titleist I'm ready and more than willing.