2014 Prototype Balls are out!

Thanks TT, putting them in play tomorrow at La Costa!

nice.. hope to get some soon.. 

WOW!!!! Test balls are already out!!! I hope I'm lucky enough to test some out.

Would love to test something along the lines of the ProV or ProV1's. 

Messed around with them today...will not tell which shape I preferred to not skew results.

Ball A on the first hole...hit a wedge into the green and it released about 8 feet.  Odd...not my usual with my v1x.  This ball also putted with a heavier feel.

Ball B I used the majority of the round...no lie, it felt longer than my normal ball by about a 1/2 an iron...hit some bombs with the driver.  Softer feel off the putter than my normal v1x.

i hope they are not the same ball and I got found out how mental i am...they definitely felt different.

I was fortunate enough to receive the two different sleeves of prototype balls a couple of days ago. We have our Member-Member tournament this weekend, which means I obviously can't put them in play for it, but can't wait to try them out! Thank you Titleist...Consistently making the best products on the market!!

Played them today.. Great feel and distance from the square balls, surprised that a softer ball is longer than the harder one.

Cannot wait to see what it would be.

i received mine today in the mail. but mine has an arrow line with "test" in the center. mine had no dots or diamonds. wonder if mine are different.. gotta try them out next weekend.

I think its cool that they just have circles and squares on them. Mine appeared to be black ProV1's