New Test Balls

I am so excited because I also received 2 sleeves of balls today. I cannot wait to play and compare. I play about 4 times a week so hopefully, I'll get a good sense of any differences or preferences in the next few days.
This is my first time testing balls for titleist and I am excited. This is why I will always play Titlesit! Does anyone know if they send out other equipment prototypes for testing?

Got mine two days ago, can't wait to try them out this weekend to see which one is better!!

I am a loyal Pro V1X player, but have not been lucky enough to be called upon to be a tester yet for new prototype balls.  Last week in HIlton Head, the PGA tour guys were also testing the new Pro V1s out.  How cool is that that we are asked our opinion just like the tour guys. It is hard to believe they can make the Pro V1X any better than the current offering.

I would love a chance to test the protos out! I'm an equipment testing junkie...
Played the Titleist "square" prototype today for the first time. We had 20mph sustained winds the entire round. I found the ball to be solid off the tee. Maybe 5yds longer. It went off the irons with no noticed difference than the Pro V1x's I normally play. Chipping was very user friendly. I do not spin the ball much but found it the be better than or the same as the Pro V1x. Putting was pure and solid. The ball rolled true and felt very nice off the putter face. The cover held up great. Only one lil blemish that looks like it came from an iron. Overall, the "square" passed my test with flying colors. Looking forward to trying the "circle" next round. Until then. Hit em straight! #teamtitleist

how did you reveice these balls

received mine a couple days ago...looking forward to testing them out and helping out in the process

Recived my test balls last week, The ball with black square felt soft to me off of the driver but ok on the green. Will play the circle ball sometime this week.


No luck Wish I did !! Enjoy !

I broke out the prototypes at the practice area today.  Hit numerous shots from 125 yds and in from all kinds of lies.  These balls spin well and are easy to flight.  Hit the circle and square side by side along with some 2013 ProV1X's.  Will get some more swings in with irons and woods this week.


Sunday, April 27 - I tested the balls (I am a tad OCD so kept stats on everything - played both balls on the front 9 of my home course so technically, I played 18 holes - I alternated teeing off with one first and then the other, all conditions obviously were the same because I played them at the same time). I didn't lose any balls so plan to continue my experiment as I play about 5 times a week. My notes so far, I averaged 15 yards further off the tee with the square ball. For my swing, I found the square had a nice draw while the circle ball tended to trail right (not slice but definitely didn't go straight). I shot a 37 with the square and a 42 with the circle. Both felt the same on the putting green. I have never broken 80 before so I am thrilled with my total of 79!!!! First day, I want to know what the square ball is!!! My current index is a 16 and my lowest index was a 13 - I've been playing golf for 5 years. I love Titleist!
Ive been hoping to get some myself. Really would love to test my favorite ball

how can i get on the list?

WoW!!   Hit them for the first time today. Gave both balls a work out by playing 36 holes. I'll give a detailed review later but they both are absolutely awesome. I'm a 5 handicap and have played all the  premium balls on the market. These have to be the new pro V's. The circle version is at least a  half club longer than any ball I've ever hit.  The square marked ball which has to be the new X is almost a full club longer off the driver than any ball I've ever hit!   Both balls are crazy long and have that sweet short game spin. If these actually go to market I'll buy 20 dozen. They are that good!!