New Test Balls

Capt. Hook

Got mine on Thursday and took them to work around the green Friday. Then played Disney's Palm with them on Saturday. I won't say which ball did what so as not to skew results for other testers but one is substantially softer than the other. My buddy who is a 1 handicap also hit them extensively on Palm on Saturday and we both had the same take. He shot even and lets just say I started well with a 40 on the front before encountering 'trouble' on the back nine.Needless to say 3 of Titleist's prototypes now reside in watery graves on Disney property.

One is very nice to hit , feels soft, spins great and plays well in all areas. The other has a much harder feel. It sounds much more 'clang-ey' off the driver (his G25 and my R-11) and same off the putter face (his TM and my Scotty) Although it felt harder it played very well but side by side was not as pleasant as the first. Both performed excellent-ly! 

I made him hit without seeing which mark each one had to make it a truly blind test and did the same for me where possible. The softer one reminds me of the Pro-V1. The harder does NOT remind me of the Pro-V1x... same for him... 

Exactly the same conclusions here.  One of them performed nearly identical to the current ProV1x and the other not so much.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive these balls and get the chance to test again.  I don't see how Titleist can improve on the current ProV1 cover.  It can survive 2 or 3 rounds without as much as a scuff.  Best cover they've ever made IMO.  

I was a tester a couple of years ago and the experience was great. Titleist: the ProV1 and 1X remain the best golf balls in the world. Not sure how they can be improved beyond durability. Great product, great testing experience. The young staff who came to our area were terrific (and the camera man very brave to get those "face on" shots). Good luck to everyone.

I found out about this blog from a friend of mine, and he recieved the circle/square balls as well, he took the circles, and gave me the squares.  I usually play srxn Q stars and the square ones hit incredible compared to my usual.  Let me preface my review by saying Im not good by any means, Im just a weekend warrior on the course so my review isnt as comprehensive as some of you but for a "average joe" player I was amazed at how much control around the green I had with them. 

I hit my Driver probably 10-15 yards further, and with my 3 wood from 190 yards hit the back of the green and rolled back to the pin.  I though the first time it did it was a fluke, but I did it again with another 3 wood shot, and then a 9 iron it did the same thing.  I am impressed to say the least.  Definately hope they put these in production because I will be playing these from now on!

But... The design of the test is for the individual to play both sets of balls (circles and squares) and objectively assess the comparative performance between them. If you played one set and the other individual played the other set then you've basically undermined the nature of the underlying test design. By just playing one set of balls, how can you (or he) objectively state which ball is better (whether on an overall basis or on individual attributes); which, I would guess is the primary reason Titleist spends megabucks on this type of research? Probably would have been better if you had taken one or two of each set. Note: I don't work for Titleist but I do design and analyze consumer research testing for a major (non-sports) consumer products company.

I received mine about three weeks ago. They resemble the PRO V1 and 1x

I found the square one is the hardest of the two Averaged an extra 30 to 40 yards on the drive. This ball was to hard for the green not a lot of action

I found the round dot was like the old Balata ball. This ball has a lot of action on the green actually felt it lost a little yardage on the drive

After playing a couple holes and getting into a groove with these test balls my playing partner and I both came to the same conclusion, these felt and played like the Pro V1 and 1'x. One ball certainly felt harder than the other, but both flew long, controlled and spun nicely when called upon. We both came away from a round playing the balls side by side, and noticed they still looked new. No scuffs or abrasions to be found. Whatever formula Titleist came up with for the covers is working well. Keep the quality coming!!  

Craig G

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that the Square ball is longer than the circle. Both were about the same for the short game, chipping, pitching and bunker play. My driver average is around 225 and I hit some drives with the square ball 250. Now we are talking. I would definitely play the square ball if I knew what it was.

I agree the square ball would fit my game a lot better than the circle.

The testing continues as the warmer weather is settling in.  I used the square ball yesterday and it performed well all day. Love the feel and flight of the ball.  Shot a -3 (68) and had a couple of bogies.  Will tee up the circle today to see if I can duplicate that round.


I received the two(2) sleeves of test balls a couple of weeks ago, one with the square only and the other with the circle only. I used these for a couple of rounds and submitted my feedback as requested. I want to thank Titleist for giving me the opportunity to take part in the testing and returning my feedback. My mindset was far different than when playing my usual game. I found myself extremely conscious of the particular traits that each ball possessed. I also made some kids very happy by giving them the remaining balls and explained it was part of a test for Titleist. Needless to say, they thought that was "pretty cool". Thank you Titleist and I hope you allow me to take part in any future testing. You continue to make outstanding products and your random testing just shows your products are for the masses, and not just the elite golfers. Thanks again.


The testing continues as the warmer weather is settling in.  I used the square ball yesterday and it performed well all day. Love the feel and flight of the ball.  Shot a -3 (68) and had a couple of bogies.  Will tee up the circle today to see if I can duplicate that round.


What did you shoot on the back 9?

Played 18 rotating square, circle, and TM Lethal. Off the putter circle softest, followed by square, and last was Lethal. Durability on both Titleist balls was better than Lethal but kept everything in the fairway and did not find any trees or cart paths. Circle seemed to have best green side control. The day was windy so difficult to gage distance differences. Will be playing 18 tomorrow and can hopefully update the report. I am curious to see differences in spin off the tee.
Do you have to rub it in, -3? WOW, wish I could do that.

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The testing continues as the warmer weather is settling in.  I used the square ball yesterday and it performed well all day. Love the feel and flight of the ball.  Shot a -3 (68) and had a couple of bogies.  Will tee up the circle today to see if I can duplicate that round.
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I just got mine in today actually. I wonder if we will ever find out which shape goes with which ball after the testing period? I have always told myself that I like the Prov1x better but after testing these that might change to the Prov1. Truly blind comparison.