Prototype Balls

Bubba, TT Staff

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the question. All Team Titleist members are considered when we have opportunities like the recent test panel. We do our best to include as many Team Titleist members as possible but as you can imagine, we can't include everyone in every test panel.

However, we are planning on more opportunities like this in the future for Team Titleist members along with exclusive sweepstakes and other special giveaways... so stay tuned.  

As for the selection process, it varies depending on the opportunity but most are random selections. Also, the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist, from posting in the discussions and adding blog comments to completing your profile, the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to these Team Titleist rewards.



Please send me a sleeve!

got some prototype balls in 5 hours after i left on a golf trip to Florida. Would have been a perfect time but at least its an excuse to play some more golf as soon as i get back home tomorrow like i needed an excuse anyways!!

Maybe one day I will be sent one of these balls.

Are any of the prototype balls being sent out in the UK??