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John M

I purchased the buy 3 dozen get 4 dozen Pro V1X golf balls.  What is the lead time to receive the balls?  Will they be delivered UPS, Fed Ex or postal?  Is there a way to check on order status?

Todd T

The average from what I've heard is 3-4 weeks!

John B

I received mine in 7 days, but I ordered the first day the promotion started.

Curtis M

Mine took about 10 days or so, I think.   But also ordered right when the promotion started.  

Noah B

John B

I received mine in 7 days, but I ordered the first day the promotion started.

Same here.

Monty m

I am a loyal ProV user. I just not able to take advantage of buying 3 boxes to get 1 free. I am not crying poor mouth as the wife and I are comfortable, but an outlay of cash like that would sure put a crimp in the budget,(my golf budget that is). Most of the time when I by new ProV's they are practice balls. Otherwise I buy the the ProV's you guys lose. I buy the 5A used balls and to me they are almost new. So my thanks to all you guys that by the new ProV's and especially those of you that lose them on the first tee shot.  MJ

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Todd T replied to Re: Golf ball loyalty program in Golf Balls.
The average from what I've heard is 3-4 weeks!
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Don O

My club held orders to submit just once.  About half have been delivered to the pro shop, mine were still outstanding, even though I gave them my order at the start.  Not a big issue, the course only opened in the last 10 days from the big chill.  Getting them a few weeks ago would have just made me feel that much worse slipping on ice.

Jack C

2 weeks

Glen D

Took mine a little over 2 weeks.

Brian R

3-4 weeks for delivery. They come fedex 

Don O

Club got mine today - no question on where my loyalties are - let the V1x's fly.

Tyson F

I got mine in 5 days, and they were ordered the first day available.  I was quite surprised by the quick delivery of them.  I have only opened 1 sleeve, but gave my dad 2 sleeves, and my cousin who I play a lot of golf with a sleeve, and each of my 3 sons a sleeve.