Optic yellow for the Pro V1

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Robert N

As I get older my eyesight is not as good as it once was. I  have had to switch to the Optic Yellow NXT - Would really like to be able to purchase Pro V1's in Optic Yellow

Todd T

Rob, it's been asked for several times... We're all hoping at some time it'll happen..

Don O

I'm sure Titleist is looking at the sales numbers of optic balls to see if they are a trend or gimmick before they bet the house (Pro-V) on adding optic.  Let's pick a number and say there are 4 other major brands in the market.  Only one offers their top of the line in optic, and one other only offers it in their slow-speed swing TOL ball, not their pro-speed. Not many options after NTX-TS or DT-Solo.

I recently found a 5 gallon bucket of balls of 'recovered' golf balls from at least the 1990's ir earlier.  The optic yellow and orange were plentiful - just not TOL balls.  I now have a small collection of (white) Titleist balata balls.

I have to use an optic ball on gray days, and sometimes close to sunset.  If I play with kids (under 40) to spot for me I prefer the -1X.

Scott S

I personally love the optic yellow, Ive played several balls in that color and love them.  Helps me see it when it comes off the tee and then on they lays I can pick it out really well.

Eric S

+1 for an Optic Yellow Pro V1 just in case the Titleist marketing/product teams are reading :)

Jason D

Add one more to the list that wants an optic yellow Pro V1.

Chris S

Good luck! Try a search, this topic has been beat to death!

Chris S


I agree...the Optic Yellow would be very much of interest to me.  I remember playing Yellow Golf Balls in the 80's and they were easy to find, etc...!

Fred C

I concur -  the yelow/orange ball is easier to see and find. One would think Titleist is watching the numbers and able to produce optic yellow balls quite easily. However, if it makes profit, they will do it, then, and only then.

Monty m

I have seen some say this topic has been beaten to death, not even close, this topic needs to be drummed in to the heads of the powers to be so they understand us old farts are to be reckoned with.

Ron B

Also an old guy, play 120+ rounds a year and pretty well - and agree the optic yellow is much more visible.  But I'm pretty traditional and only recently tried the NXT S yellow as well as a new srxn Z-star yellow.  Played pretty well with both - but still want a Pro V1 when it counts.  Would I buy Pro V1s in optic yellow?  Absolutely.

Mike C

Personally, I prefer a white ball and will probably continue to use one even if Titleist makes a change and offers this for the Pro V1x line.  However, I may be getting older... and I hate to admit it... but I think it can be easier to see the optic yellow balls at times, especially when it is overcast or with flat light.  One of the guys in our regular Saturday group is 71 and uses a yellow ball.  First off, I hope just to still be playing golf when I am 71, but I have to admit this year during the winter days it was much easier to see his yellow ball than my white ball.  If there is enough demand to make it make sense for a business perspective, it may happen.  We will just have to see.

Ron B

... and then, just a week after posting this, I was playing the NXT-S optic yellow and aced the 175 yard 3rd hole with a 5-iron.  Very easy to see it go in - both by me and the guy in the adjacent fairway who looked more excited about it than I was!  It was my fourth in the last five years - all with Titleist balls.  That led to a two-over 74 - shot my age and made a hole-in-one on the same round.  I was playing a practice round for the upcoming County Senior Am - too bad I didn't wait a week. 


I would like to see it also, and in the NXT Tour. The NXT Tour S is not as soft, and I don't get as much spin on the greens. The optic yellow is sooo easy to see. I hope they decide to have more options.

Luke W

I would try a yellow but prefer orange balls!