How do you personalize your Titleist?

Sharpie a circle around the number like a billiard ball.  ;)

Probably better explaining than pics, as my smart phone is smarter than I am at this point. Alongside the Titleist logo on the ball I put a Red dot next to the "T" on both sides. I follow the KISS rule.

I'll draw three of something like hearts, flowers, shamrocks, crosses, eyes, or bombs depending on my mood; and,  as I have three children.

I always put my name and my number that I use when I play baseball.

I use My Ball

I always mark my prov1x with a blue dot right next to the number.

Great you have a number or contact for the Tin Cup guys??

i have been ordering on the logo program for the past couple years, special numbers and monogram. This years order was all ProV1's with the number 7 (old high school baseball number) and FENTONI (my nickname with the guys at the club) in blue. last years order was the number 22 (college and minor league baseball number).

3 red dots around the number on both sides. Red line over the Pro V1x line.

I put 4 dots in the shape of a diamond which I also use for alignment when putting.

Jim A (Sox Fan For Life). With 2 red dots over the i's in Titleist.


Previously I just ordered the 12's which was my Hockey Number all the way through High School and this year I added my nickname "Schultzy". Played in a tourney this past weekend and showed them off the entire time and was successful not losing one either. Woohoo.

Outline the "T" in Titleist in red and a red dot beside the number.

I finally got mine in about the 22nd of May. It's really cool to me because this is the first time I ordered it for my self. Wish I knew how to attach a photo, but in any case: It has #73 as my low of the year since I've ordered it. CLSS is a mantra from the Jim Venetos Golf Academy and JVGA just below the mantra. I couldn't be more proud. Thanks Titleist!

I came home from college, and my dad surprised me with a dozen customized Pro V1x's!  Now all that's left is getting that awesome Team Titleist logo!