Broke into the 90's

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Rich P

Last week Played and scored a 95 ! Now im working to  score below a 100 more and more took a lesson or two and stopped trying to kill the ball. oh i also stopped buying the bag of used balls at walmart to play golf with . Im using the Titleist DT/SOLO it's a nice feeling off the tee, and for me flys nice and straight. very controlable. DT/SOLO also gives me the confidence i need . I trust the ball and i lose hardley any maybe 1 ball a round if that now.The cost is very nice . Thanks Titlest keep up the good work ! Im seeing a hole in one in my future . Playing with your products give me the confidence i need to enjoy my round, and help me work on bettering my game.


Richy Procter

Stony Point. NY

Chris Hatem

Congrats! Improvement and confidence come hand in hand and they both work to build your momentum for scoring lower!

Scott S

Way to go Rich!!! Im working on the same issue, getting under 100.....I am switching up the balls I am hitting as soon as I run out of the bunch I have.  I am considering switching to a soft feel ball, I think the DT might just fit the bill.  Confidence is 3/4 of the battle in this game that's for sure!!

Keep up the great game and hit em straight!!!

Robert S

Enjoy the benifits of a new ball! While the recycled titleist are still good nothing beats a new ball, deff worth the price!

Raphael N

congrats! i recomend taking lessons and working on your swing to improve your ball striking, getting a consistent swing will get you inside 80, for me i have a nice swing but im slightly outside in, about 3 degrees, but since i have create alot of lag and i crush the ball down and trap it and create alot of spin, im always able to get myself inside 15 feet for birdie when i have a 6 iron and below. keep on the work rich!

Ty Webb

Congratulations, just keep at it and breaking 90 won't be far off..

Frank P

Congrats and don't get discouraged if you should have a bad day and slip back over 100 every now and then. Golf is a process. The further you progress, the harder it is to get to the next level. I think your choice of ball is good. I have been playing the DT ball since way back when it was a wound ball with a solid center and a Surlyn cover. I always felt it was the best ball for me and most average golfers.                                                  

                                                                                    Frank P

Allen L

Way to go Rich.  Confidence is a powerful thing, glad you found the ball that is making you happy.

Greg B

Way to go Rich! It's always exciting to score below 100 for the first time, I done it this spring, as I have only been playing about a year or so, didn't start until late in life here will be 59 in about a month. I also use the DT Solo and the NXT tour S to play with. I have used a lot of balls but I find that I am a Titleist guy, they always seem to give me the best results. I just switched to a 913d2 driver with the Diamana blue S + reg flex shaft and I have to say I am completely satisfied with it! I plan on changing my irons to the AP1 714 in a couple of months to put in my Titleist mid sized staff bag. Can't go wrong with Titleist- Period!