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clayton t

while watching the PGA championship over the weekend, wishing that dad would have taught me about golf when i was a kid or got someone to give me lessons maybe i could have played toury but those days are long gone............and being part of PGA never happen.........

 but being able to test prototype balls for Titleist reminded me that although i'll never play in  PGA what i did played important role in tour Titleist players success 

i guess what i am trying to say the honor of testing these balls in away puts each of us in a way in the PGA...........

Robert S

There is nothing better than getting appreciated for freed back from a company like Titleist... 

Jeff K

Has anyone else recently (past week) received an email about testing golf balls from TT?



i received one. Hopefully that means we will be lucky to receive test balls.

Keith M

Same here.  Received the email on Friday. 

jim k

i got one last week. happy and honored to test out a great product !

Josh G

jim k

i got one last week. happy and honored to test out a great product !

It's a great feeling to know that your opinion has influenced the Pro V that could win a major.

David C

Have been fortunate to test Pro V's to offer my feedback and look forward to another opportunity.

Linny B

Yes, I did as well. Not exactly sure what it all means, but hoping it means we'll be testing some new golf balls soon?

Walt L

I agree, have been lucky enough to play twice on courses the day after a tourney. Showed me how tough the Sunday layouts were and are....Brutal!

But being lucky enough to play a couple of rounds with prototype gold balls is a great way that we get to experience some of what they get to hit.


Ditto! Looking forward to the opportunity!

antony g

Yeah I got 1 the other day, would defo be up for testing some golf balls for titleist

antony g

This is a really good chance to give you guys at titleist some feed back on what we think of your quality products, hopefully I will be given a chance to try some out for you!!!!!!

Rick R

I also got one the other day. If chosen, it would be the greatest golf experience I will have had in 2 decades of playing. Just being on the list to be considered is the coolest thing ever...

James G

I filled out the info on here to test balls but never heard anything from titleist.