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Ready for the Season

Brian D

I have stocked up and I am ready for the 2017 season with the new ProV1.

There is no other ball for me...Its the Titleist ProV1 or nothing..

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  1. Kyle S.

    Do you see a big difference between the pro V1 and the prov1x? Was there something that made you choose pro v1?
  2. Don O

    My biggest problem with the new V is the time I spend looking for the ball, only to find it 20-30 yards ahead of where it looked like it landed. Ok, not really a problem.
  3. Kris D

    Woah that is a fully loaded locker! Looking good!
  4. Jack H

    Nice! Sure is beautiful! Enjoy them!
  5. Brian D

    The reason I have stayed with the ProV1 is a result of being properly fit.

    I had a inquire opportunity to be professionally fit by the Titleist experts at Manchester Lane. The numbers on the track man were proof it was the right ball for me.

    I had always hear rumors that the "X" was the longer of the two, but that wasn't the case for me. The ProV1 also provided me the feel and feedback through my hands on both power shots and touch shots around the green.

    My recommendation is to seak out a fitting opportunity and see what's best for you and your game.

    Best of luck and keep us posted
  6. John O

    Very nice. Locked and loaded!
  7. richard f

    I use prov1x , found that they aren't quite as soft and I don't feel as much of the ball squashing on impact , as I did with a prov1 , for me the X , is a little firmer and also flys higher
  8. Dante P

    I gree with Brian D! A ball fitting is essential if you want to get the most out of your game. Also, do it on a regular basis. As we get older (or better) our swings change and so can the ball best suited for that swing. I started out being fit with the Prov1 and it worked very well for me as my short game is one of the better parts of my game. However, the following year I got fit again and it turns out that the X was an even better fit for me now. I found that there was no notiicable difference around the greens and I found some extra yards off the tee. By all means get fit!
  9. Jacqueline S

    Totally agree with Richard. Also good advice from Brian to get fitted. I struggle with which ball apparently goes farther.

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