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Women’s golf balls

Lori E

So was wondering since I am a woman golfer and spend many a dollar on women’s golf clothing,gear and balls I continue to wonder why Titleist doesn’t make a “women’s” golf ball. I understand the ball doesn’t know who is hitting it however, when something is marketed for women, we are more likely to purchase the item. Also, most of the women I play golf with use a colored women’s ball to distinguish from the men’s balls on the course and it prevents too much ball searching. Any thoughts Titleist???

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  1. Dale V

    Hey Lori, good points. I personally like the fact that Titleist remains "gender neutral" with all its products. It allows golfers to purchase equipment best suited for their game. Just like the forward tees on golf courses not being "women's tees" but being shorter tees for shorter hitters. As long as Titleist doesn't offer women's specific products, here is an alternative. Most of the Titleist balls can be purchased in yellow and another option is to order from who specialize in personalization. You can add something to the ball that will fit your personality. Just my thoughts...
  2. Don O

    Titleist supports a level playing field from amateurs to professionals. Note they recently were not in support of a restricted flight ball for pros. They also market equipment for everyone, so we'll never see golf club sets with shaft colors matching bags for specific subsets of users.
    At one point, I gave my wife pink balls as a gesture. I have since donated them to The First Tee. We most often play together in the evening after work, and as the sun is setting with more reds, the pink balls blend in the rough as they fade to brown and are harder to find. We now use Pro-V1s with pink lettering in white balls as the nod to a more feminine color. I'm ok limiting ball colors for optical clarity in white and amber.
  3. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Hi Lori -

    I appreciate your question and thank you for sharing it with us. Every Titleist golf ball is designed for women. The golf ball doesn’t know who is hitting it; how old, how skilled or what the golfer’s gender is. The premise that “one ball fits all” assumes that all golfers of the same gender, age or swing speed need to use the same golf ball to help them score better. That simply isn’t true. For women and men alike, there are many ways to shoot lower scores. While Pro V1 may be the ball that helps you play your best, your friend may score better with Pro V1x. Titleist designs golf balls with performance and preference choices for all golfers.

    The majority of golf balls named Women or Lady are two-piece, Surlyn®-covered golf balls that offer long distance, cut-proof durability and a low price. These golf balls are very low spin and do not provide the best scoring performance on shots into and around the green.

    For example, on your scoring shots (short irons, pitches and chips), low spin distance balls tend to land, release and run through the green. When you’re trying to stop the ball quickly out of a bunker or knock it close to a tucked pin, a golf ball with more spin or stopping power is the best choice. Golf balls like Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT Tour or NXT Tour S all provide outstanding distance on drives and full iron shots, and offer more stopping power. These models also have softer covers than low spin distance balls, so they provide exceptionally soft feel in the short game.

    Please feel free to reach out to us with additional questions though, and thank you for being part of Team Titleist!

    Team Titleist Staff

  4. Dale V

    Another option is the pink ball offered by Titleist’s sister company, Pinnacle.

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