Titleist prototype balls

thanks for the explanation

A slight fee would be all inclusive and give everyone a chance to test the ball.   I would think there are enough to go around.   Better that than having a 1000 to 1 shot.   Maybe 2 balls for $5.  Just a thought.

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to test one of the Titleist prototype balls this go-round.  Not sure how I was selected, but I have always filled out the surveys Titleist sent out, so there may be something to that theory.  The ball I tested was the one with the red number (I'm assuming it is to be the new ProV1x).  It has a slightly different dimple pattern than the current ProV1x and I thought the prototype was consistently a little bit shorter on most shots, ran out more on chips shots and ballooned a little at times.  It is a good ball, but I think the current ProV1x is tough to beat.

I agree Mike B.  I have played the ProV1x ball for 5 or so years.  I should have refrained from reading the reviews of the test ball until I played myself.  Felt like I got a sleeve of duds. 120 yards and in, chipping and putting are the only things that where a little different (softer).  If I just missed it with my irons, it went no where.  Tee ball was not really any different than the X.  

I found, too, that my test ball did not go as far as the other balls I tested it against.  I played it 3 different times, once against the Titleist So-Lo, once against the Pro-V1x and once against another brand...in all cases I didn't feel like I got as much distance off the tee, but I did feel like the test ball stopped better on my shorter approach shots...and I really liked the feel off the putter.  Since I need distance just to keep up with the boys, I probably wouldn't choose this ball over the Titliest So-Lo that I often play or the ProV1x that is my "summer ball" (in MN we only have about 4 weeks of summer!) :)

I spoke with a team titleist rep and they told me its based on your experience, activity, and other factors depending on the product

To all that are asking about the selection process, I myself updated my profile and checked the site, and there was a section asking to register to possibly be selected to test a new prototype ball.  I filled out the survey, and received confirmation that I was selected to receive a sleeve of balls.  The ones in the plain white box, that was all the buzz on tour a few weks back, when Paddy won.   About 2 weeks later I got them in the mail, and there is certain criteria that the tester must answer.  I too have been playing Titleist clubs and balls for over 25+ years, index upto, not down to, 11.5.  I haven't tried the new ball yet due to rain the past 2 Saturdays here in Los Angeles.  Titleist asked that I test the ball on a familiar course where shot selection would be similar to a normal round.  I play every weekend and it looks like we'll have good weather this Saturday, so I conduct my test then.  Not on my normal course but a tract that I'm way familiar with.

My hunch is that of all those that sign up to test product, that Titleist probably selects from a wide range of handicaps to get feedback from all types of players.  They can't just gather info from pros, or single digit handicappers, because the demographic that purchases their products, is the recreational or serious golfer.  The pros get they're product for free, and the rest of us aspire to play the same equipment as them, and as the slogan says,"for the serious golfer", and because they make superior equipment.  I started with Titleist forged blades and have tried some other clubs, but went back to 681's and am now playing Forged 695 CB's with Project X shafts, custom built to my specs, by Titleist.  I've played Titleist balls always, and every generation Pro V1x since they came out. 

Stay loyal and keep hitting em.

Richard Laraba

I agree with you Charlie,

I was fortunate to test the prototype and found the same results as you.  Really like the ball

How come I never get to test anything?  I live in South Florida so I play all year round. I can give a great review on any balls or equipment. Just thought I would let TT know.





Aaah  so that  explains  why my  experience with  the prototype   ball  cover  was  different  than other  posts- there were  two  versions  out there!



I tried the test balls last week and absolutely loved them.

Appeared to be slightly longer, felt softer, seemed to launch higher but the trajectory was more penetrating. Definately more durable. Super consistent. The feel of them and the ball flight are my lasting memories.  I am definately curious of the compression of them; which seemed to be a little lower.

No complaints here.  Will definately be putting them in play.

I would like to given the full review via the survey link that was provided.

Could someone please provide me with the web link so that I can provide my feedback?


I just received two sleeves of some kind of ball. The balls in one sleeve marked only with a red circle and the balls in the second sleeve maked only with a red square. Titleist wants me to play the balls and then offer critical comments about each ball. Why I was selected, I do not know. I do not play Titleist equipment but I do use their shoes and gloves.


Wow - they must be producing a new line.  Wonder if you have the next generation Pro-V's or another style - NXT?  Good luck with them!

thats great....more stuff I didn't know about (haha)

One would think that they are producing a new ball in an attempt to counter another manufacturer's "play the right ball" campaign. Trouble is that folks that play at my skill level, that don't have a repeating swing, can hardly evaluate a golf ball based soley upon feel and performance. For the record, I played one round with one of them and it didn't go in the hole all by itself.