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NXT Tour or Pro V1x


I have been playing the NXT Tour ball for awhile and really like it. I am left handed and hit the ball high and have no trouble stopping the ball on the greens even with my long irons (AP1). I am debating whether or not I should change to the Pro V1 or Pro V1x. My main reason for the NXT Tour is the price. I would love to hear your suggestions.

I am currently a 9 handicap and 33 yrs old. I have always loved golf but just started playing regularly (every week) the last three months. My handicap went from a 14 to a 9 during that time frame so I am wondering if switching balls will make that much of a difference to continue lowering my handicap.

Thanks for your input!

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  1. Deno


    I also play the NXT Tour.   I really like the ball not only because of the price differential, but performance.   It has a soft feel and I like it off the driver and long irons.  Played the ProV1 a few times but Rely on the NXT Tour for tournament play.   I'm sure the ProVs are great balls, but the price scares me away a bit.   It's probably my imagination, but the Pro Vs feel like rocks off my irons.

  2. Curt M

    I have gone back and forth from the nxt tour to the prov ( both flavors).  On the greens I play here in Pa.  I can stop an NXT very well with my wedges (vockeys)  For me  the NXT is a little longer off the tee especially in colder temps.    I would say play both during a round -no doubt the prov is superior ball  but the NXT comes very close. 

  3. J.D.

    Thanks for your comments.


    I played both the NXT Tour and the Pro V1x during my round yesterday and I really didn't notice much of a difference but the course I played had very slow greens. My 7 iron into the green made a huge ball mark and backed up a foot. Off my driver (905R) the NXT sounded a bit harder than the V1x but I got similar distance. I will have to try both of them on different courses. Of course, I still need to try the Pro V1.

  4. Curt M


    Brain moving faster than fingers in my earlier post  I suggest a side by side comparison during a round  and around and on the putting green.   there is a differnece how both models come off my Cameron

  5. Dr R

    nxt tour - seems to be the best one for me..    just outperform the PV/1       try a sleeve guys!!

  6. David Browning

    In my opinion, I'd choose the Pro V1x, when given the 2 choices. I actually play with the Pro V1, however, the Pro V1x is an excellent ball. Here's the thing though, if you can't tell a difference between balls, are stopping it fine on the green, and so on...why would you want to consider switching?



  7. J.D.


    Good point. I have only played the Pro V1x a few times, not really enough to form an accurate comparison to the NXT Tour. I know my swing speed is not lightning fast so maybe I should try the Pro V1. I usually drive the ball 260-280 and I hit a 7 iron 150-157. My goal is to get as good as I can be. I want to consistently shoot in the 70's rather than just some of the time. That is why I would consider switching. If the Pro V1 or Pro V1x will help with that, then I will be all in!

  8. John F., Golf Ball Fitting Team


    My name is John Fizer and I am a member of the East Coast Performance Ball Fitting Team. We hear this question quite frequently. You are definitely on the right track comparing golf balls side by side!

    With regards to distance, Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT Tour, and NXT all fly within 4 yards under similar launch conditions. Regardless of clubhead speed, you are looking at a very small, non-game changing difference in distance between these four models. 

    The game changing difference is spin!

    Pro V1 - Softer feel. Spins high with everything, every shot, every club

    Pro V1x - Firmer feel. Spins high around the green (almost identical to Pro V1), spins lower with longer shots. This low spin with the longer shots is very attractive to high spin, high speed players. This lower spin will make mis-hits and errant shots more manageable than with a higher spinning golf ball like Pro V1.

    The fact that PGA Tour players and better players use Pro V1x is due to its performance, not due to its ability give the better player something "extra". All players can benefit from Pro V1x, in fact any player who is looking for a decreased shot dispersion with longer shots and high spin around the greens should absolutely give Pro V1x a try!

    NXT TOUR - Not a Urethane Elastomer cover like the Pro V1 family so green side spin is sacrificed and the ball spins lower than both Pro V1 models with all shots. The biggest difference will again be in SPIN and in the case of NXT Tour spin around the greens. NXT TOUR is somewhat comparable to the Pro V1 family OUTSIDE OF 100 yards. Because it is lower spinning NXT TOUR will have less of a tendency to move left and right than both Pro V1 models. 

    We suggest taking all three models out on the course, and implementing our GREEN TO TEE METHODOLOGY. Start from the green compare the 3 balls (feel, spin etc..) see which ball wins and then move back to pitch shots > full mid iron shots > full long iron shots > hybrid/fairway woods > driver. Since the balls all fly so close to one another and they are all long distance is taken care of....we want you to concentrate on the short-game/approach shots that really influence your overall score, and the shots where SPIN is soooooo important!

    Please see the Golf Ball Fitting link on for any other questions!  Good Luck!

  9. J.D.


    Thanks for all the great info!! I didn't realize that the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x were almost identical around the green. Based on the info that you shared with me it seems the Pro V1x might be my best bet. I always thought that the Pro V1x was only beneficial to the high swing speed players and I didn't realize that all three balls were within 4 yds of each other. 

    The bottom line is that I really can't go wrong with either the NXT Tour or Pro V1x for my game! I look forward to the side by side comparison.

    Thanks for your thorough analysis! Another example of why Titleist is superior! The products perform and the customer service can't be beat!

  10. Deno


    Thanks a million for this post.  It has answered all of my own qs about the NXT Tour vs ProVs.  Now I can re- examine my choice with your expertise.


  11. Sam

    I believe it depends on how much you play golf, the accuracy of your long game/if you like to work the ball, your short game ability, and swing speed.

    First, if you play golf alot then go withthe pro v1 the more you play the better the golf ball your going to want to play. The prov1(x) is obviously a better ball than the nxt tour, titleist wouldnt make it more expensive if it werent made with more expensive materials, and more players on tour would be playing the nxt tour if it were the better ball out of the group.

    secondly, if you like to work the ball alot,  then you will want to go with the prov1, simply because it spins more; the more spin the more the ball will draw or fade and it will go way lower.

    thirdly, if your short game isnt your strong point you will want to go with the prov1, simply because it spins more which in amateurs cases if they mis hit the chip or pitch they wont sacrifice a shot changing amount of spin.

    lastly, your swing speed makes a difference to, the faster you swing the more spin your going to create and the more youre going to compress the ball, so if you are a pretty long hitter go with the prov1x because that will give you the most distance and accuracy, and take some spin off the ball, if youre a short hiitter than go with the prov1 or nxt tour because the prov1 will give you the largest oppurtunity to play your best.

    easiest way to make sure which ball is best for you is to go out on the course with a sleeve of each and hit them 1 of each on the same shot (stick to shorter shots more than longer shots while doing this). see which one you prefer at the end and make that your golf ball!


  12. dan t

    One question.....


    I played all the titleist balls and I love them


    What is the difference in compression in the golf balls.....  I was told that a amateur needs to compress all 3  or 4 layers of the ball and the X was degigned for 100+ swingspeeds    whereas the PV! was for 90+  and the NXT were for the amateur guys


    This is a real delicate question.


    Please shed some light into golf ball compression.


    I play in Canada  and because of the cold here, I have a 100 MPH driver swingspeed  (lets say 95 avg)  ok  on a hot day i'll hit 260 and usually it's a 220+ yard drive    Now I have a OK swingspeed, but Iwhen I play the NXT tour, the ball goes further B/C it feels softer than a X


    I like the X into the greens however it feels like a rock


    Please some info would be appreciated!!!



  13. chad g

    I personaly play the Pro v1x have have played both and have found the x longer  off the tee, but still reacts just the way i like it on the green. now the prov i have found that it spins a little to much for me on the greens. Now i just tryd the test ball wich had red numbers so i am pritty sure it was the new x and i had found it to be 8 to 10 yards longer off the tee and felt so soft around the greens. it was way durrible as well now i havent tryed the nxt tour yet, i tend to just purchase the practice balls unless i am playing in a tournament the price isnt to bad

  14. John L

    I like how People have alot of opinions on this matter. And like all of you i was curious my self. over the past three years i've done a golf ball fitting 4 times by 4 diffreint professionals. 2 were PGA pro association instructors and 2 were Authorized titleist club and ball fitters. The reason i did it 4 times was i wanted to see there perspectives and under stand the logic. Here is the summery.  If your able to hit be ball on the "tour" perfered swing line and angle the ProV line is for you. if your an average golfer with a self tought swing. NXT is probably your line of ball. 80+ precent of golfers cant put the amount of back spin on a ball between 50 and 150 yards consitantly to make a ball come back. Most golfers dont even know the proper way to do this and those that might do i once a round or so didnt know how they did it and if you gave them a bucket of balls probably couldn't do it agine. If you can't tell the diffrence between the ProV line and the NXT line you probably dont need the ProV line. heres the Kicker.

    If your the kind of golfer that can hit a draw or fade with a PW or 9 iron the ProV line is for you. If you cant hit a draw or fade on demand with either club stick to NXTs thats the diffrence. thes balls are made for people that trully work the ball and have a large variety of shots in there bag. If your a bump and run guy stick to NXT's. its just easyer on your wallet. both the prov and nxt line come in a 392 and 332 dimple patern. 392's fad an draw more on long irons regardless of witch line your using. the cover of the ball is whats diffrent and that is what affects the short game. Heres a good quistion to ask your self your 150 or from a grean center farway. The pin is tucked up tight behind a bunker on the right side of the front side of the green. you only have 10 yards behind the pin and 5 yards in front of it. the center of the green is wide open and you have 30 yards front to back to play with. where do you realisticly hit the ball. If you picked the middle of the green use nxt's if you picked the pin use proV1's. assuming you can realisticaly keep the ball on the green if you picked the pin. be true to your self when picking a ball.

  15. Clinton M

    pro v1x.

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