prototype ball testing

Same here. Sound affects overall feel and I did not like the way the test ball sounded off of irons, and especially the putter.  Ball did not back up as much as the PROV1X either on short irons.  The short game is where this ball underperformed.  Chipping did not have as much stopping power of the PROV1X and I found myslef having difficulty determining how far to allow for roll out.  With the "X" you can literally piutch the ball to the hole with a hop and stop control ability.

Driving was great and overall I liked the flight of the ball but still prefer the PROV1X I usually play.  I am a 2 handicap and think this ball performed more like an NXT Tour type of ball.  Great for a mid range handicapper but not a ball to score with for a low handicapper with a variety of shots.


I received a sleeve of golf balls October 5, 2010 but have not the chance to test until recently. I tried to log on to web site in letter without success.

I was excited to break open the box and compare to Pro V 1x and Noodle.

I noticed the most difference in the short game from 100 yds in. Because of my budget I buy Noodle but after using the prototype ball I may need to re-budget in order to keep Titleist in the bag.

Drive edge Noodle my fade was tighter

Long irons no difference

Mid irons slight edge Noodle they seem to bite better

Around the green * sand traps * fringe Tiltiest

Putting Titliest

Two holes same length par 5 score Titliest 2 strokes better 4 -6

Much thanks for allowing me to be a tester. If the prototype were on market - heck with the budget - Titliest!!


Russ Krystowiak


I also received the prototype balls and evaluated them. I cannot log onto my account because I no longer use that email. How can I keep the same profile and change my email login? Can you help and  change the email and password for me or just send my password to me and I will change it. Thanks 

joe T

Well gentleman and ladies, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your testing. Several in my group have received test balls. Some the x and some the prov1. I commented on the survey but thought the survey left a little to be desired as far as all that could be said. The test ball was magnificant  as usual, I noticed some lower ball flight, only a yard or two in distance, and with my long irons it seemed to roll out more in the green. Dont get me incorrectly ,, i Did like the ball. As far as the box,,,,, make it a stern traditional, Titeist needs not make the box stand out like a bull in a china shop,  its the best and a player will find it.  Now with fall upon us I might like to see a bright yellow for seasonal play.. I bet even the pros would play it,,, color does not reflect , harm or change performance so it really makes it easier to see in the fall winter months.

Next time , better check your links before you print all of the letters and that might just have prevented the thousands of "I cant use the link" emails.. lol...

This ball testing does create discussions all over the golf industry from amatures to pros. It,  I am sure for the cost,  far outweighs the expense to test them this way. Contragulations, I think it is a media coo!

Ok, we know the USGA regulates the distance a ball can go based on traditional testing. We know the limits they place on clubs to control ball and distance. So any manufacturer with in legal tolerences cannot make a ball fly further., You may say the nxt or prov goes further, but neither goes any different that usga standards,. Now my club head speed and face angle may be more than my friend beside me which may make it go further, but by Iron Byron standards there will not be a lot of difference. Feel is individual preference. Different balls have different feel.


Jarrod, you are absolutely correct with your analysis.  I have been disappointed with Titleist for the past several years.  As a low single digit handicap working amatuer, the last thing I can afford is new balls every two weeks.  The original Pro V1 could withstand almost anything.........cart paths, bladed wedges, dog bites, etc........  I would take the ball out of play b/c it would turn YELLOW.  Durability has been sacrificed for years in the development of the newer generation Pro V1 (and now V1 x). 

Played 36 holes and I have noticed the first durabiltiy improvement since the original.  Thank you Titleist for creating a ball for the working amatuer.  I will be less apt to "try"competitor balls during the season. 

I just had the same experience where the username and password were not required to complete survey.

I enjoyed the testing process and my biggest surprise was how much I noticed and preferred the Prototype 2 ball off the putter 

compared to the DT Solo, NXT Tour S and Pro V1x. Didn't see that coming!

I tested this ball as well.  Found the ball to play very good in the wind.  Also the ball seemed a bit longer off the tee than the 2012 pro v1x for me.  The ball responded well off of short irons as well as being able to suck the ball back a few feet with my 4 iron. (cant do that with previous model)  All in all the ball played very well and I am happy with the changes I noticed.