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during one of my first tournaments of the year i had a poor tee shot on a 184 yard par 3. about 15 yards left of the green. i had to get up and over a bunker, 5 feet of rough and had about 3 feet of green to work with. immediately pulled out my 60* Vokey lob wedge and popped it up, landed perfectly, bounced once and went in the whole.the best shot i ever hit with the best ball on the planet, Titleist pro v1x!!  

Mike, I play in Florida for the winter at Fiddlesticks CC. I love playing Pro V 1 golf balls but because I am not the best golfer and considering the cost of losing a ball I reserve them for tournament play. In Feb your reps were at our club to help us find our best ball for our game. I told them my story and was taken back when your rep asked why I don't want to score well every time I play. I realized he was right and have since been using the prov1x. This year I won the ladies Senior and Club Championships. I am now sold on scoring my best  every time I play and the prov1x  helps me do that. I am playing better and actually lose less golf balls. 

today, i played and i was competing with someone, we came up to the 14th, i was even 1 dn. i hit 3 wood on the dogleg and he hit driver 70 yds off the green because he cuth the corner. Anyway, i was 121 yards out and hit gapwedge into the hole using a prov1, and i won my bet by 1.



I have gbeen playing golf for 5 years now.

I am a junior at a local club and play off 18. I wen't on a holiday as i do every year to spain, and the first round there from 40 yards i chipped in for birdie. The group on the next tee saw my shot and were amazed. The next day i did it again. But this time it was on a longer par 4 the first was on a 330 yard par 4 the second 410.


i hope you enjoyed my story.



Hi Mike,

I played the New Pro V1 during our club's Wednesday night scramble last week -- drove it on two par 4's (289 and 297 yards respectively -- a bit of tail wind on the second). Since I just turned 56, I'm now considered a senior in the group so I get to play from the "old man" tees. One benefit from growing older...

Anyway, it's the best ball I've seen from Titleist - and I've been a loyalist since I played on our high school team in the early '70s. By the way I also attended a "ball fitting" by one of the competition and the ProV1 is/was still the best ball for me. 

Congratulations to the entire Titleist team. Please keep up the great work.


My name is Bruce Fay. I'm 61 years old. I've been playing golf off and on since I was 14 and have played countless rounds on many courses all over the USA and Australia. On Saturday April 30, 2011, I finally made my first Hole-In-One ever. I hit a hybrid 4-iron into the wind on a slightly uphill 174 yard par 3 on my home course (Wanumetonomy Golf & Country Club in Middletown, RI). The ball hit three feet in front of the hole and bounced into the cup. The ball I used is a PRO V1X and it's the only ball I play.  

My name is Gerry Veydt, and I have been a member of Hayfields Country Club in Hunt Valley, Maryland since it's opening in 1998.  I began taking lessons in the fall of 2010 from Gary Marlowe, a retired PGA touring pro, in the hopes of getting my handicap to the low teens from its current 18.  Gary is a die hard titelist fan and would not consider using anything but Titleist equipment.  It probably doesn't hurt that his father-in-law is the CEO of Ashcunet, either.

In any event, I had my first hole-in-one a couple of years ago on the 11th hole at Hayfields.  Coincident with the start of my lessons in the fall of 2010, I have had 3 additional aces on holes #8, 11 and 14 at Hayfields.  When and if I get one on hole #3, I will be the first person in the history of the club to have an ace on all 4 par 3's.

Gary tells me that it is not his instruction that has resulted in a trio of aces within 12 months, but rather, the titleist equipment he has convinced me to play.  As much as I love my new 910 D2 driver and the Pro V1, I still think his lessons are responsible for this freakish success.


Gerry Veydt  


I am the golf pro at Rock Creek Golf Club Texas. I have been playing the Titleist ball since the 80's. I was on the testing board for the new ball and while I was testing the ball I made my 5th hole in one at our course all of them with members. Three of them are on par 4's. The new Titleist ball is longer less spin off the driver, more controlled spin from the fairway and around the green. Most important is putting not to soft or hard off the face just perfect. Thank you for all Titleist has done for me and look forward for many more years! The last hole in one was with the new titleist Pro V and was 368yds. AMAZING BALL!!!!!

I have been a Titleist ball user since I started playing 48 years ago. I remember going to Pebble Beach where the Pro accepted a dozen of new Titleist golf balls in lieu of cash for the green fee. I don't remember anything about the round other than learning the value of that box of Titleist balls.
Recently I joined a couple of good friends for my birthday round of golf at the Bayonet Black Horse course in Seaside Ca where on the 4th hole, 176 yards, had my very first hole in one using a Titleist Prov-1x.  Even more meaningful was the fact that my daughter had given me the ball as a birthday present. She later told me that she told my wife that she was going to by a box of balls for me and asked what brand. My wife made a few calls to my golfing buddies and then told my daughter "don't buy anything other than Titleist ProV-1x for dad he won't use anything else".
Regards to the Titleist Team..
Mike Chan..

Dear Titleist Friends,

I am the Pastor at First Christian Church in Meridian, MS. We held a golf scramble for members and the Number 2 Ranked Meridian Community College Golf Team on April 2. I played and on the holy number seven, I pulled out a nine iron for an uphill shot at Northwood Country Club (135 yards). The wind was blowing in our face. The ball looked good as it hit the green.

We went to the green and looked for the ball. One of the MCC players went to the hole, looked in, and turned to me and said, "You don't need to putt." Then he broke out with a huge smile! It was my  first hole in one!

Thankfully the ball was a TITLEIST #1 New ProV1.   My nickname is "Parson" and it was the golfing highlight of my life, especially considering it was during a church golf tourney! God has a great sense of humor!

Thanks for the memory Titleist!


Tom Sikes


Played the new Pro V1 that were given to me at Pinehurst to test and played 45 holes with the same ball and really loved the feel particularly putting.  On Pinehurst course #2 played the back 9 and shot 38, at Carolina Trace Lakes Course shot 76 in the Inter Club Tournament and Pinehurse Course #4 shot 77.  Was well pleased with the way I played with my currrent index being 10.

I have been playing the Pro V1x but will be playing Pro V1's from now on.

Bruce W. Weir 

I was fortunate to trial the NEW ProV1 prior to delivery to the market place. I trialed it just as Titleist requested  and discovered the ball worked wonders around the green with pitch shots and putting. I monitored the trials the Pro's were doing and discovered they really loved the ball.

I had not hit the ball with my driver yet but decided one day in a match that I would use THE ball. I belonged to a private club for 20 years and on hole #6, a par 5, the "Big Dogs" could carry the hill , which was a VERY NICE drive. In all my 20 years, I had NEVER driven a ball that far. The NEW Pro V 1 made a believer out of me as now I can carry that hill with the "Boys".

The group of elderly gentlemen that I now play with are touting that I'm using an illegal ball, because my drives are longer than normal, as they all know where I used to hit the ball. My handicap has dropped 2 strokes also. Keep'um coming Titleist.


Mike I may have the story of all stories... In February I was playing at my home course, Black Creek in Chattanooga TN. I came to the 7th hole 215 yard par 3. I pulled my 4 iron and put my new ProV1 on a tee and made my first hole in one... We went nuts! That's not even the best part of the story! 4 holes later we came to a 178 yard par 3 and defying the 167 milion to 1 odds I hit my 2nd hole in one. Yep 2 hole in ones in one round. It was an awesome day and I have 2 ProV1s to thank for that... Thanks Mike

I recently had two hole-n-ones at my home course. They were within a two week period.

4-3-11 I had a hole-n-one on the 150yd. 8th hole

4-17-11 I had a hole-n-one on the 147yd. 13th hole

I was using the Titleist Pro V1x when I had both of my hole-n-ones. It is the only ball I will play with.

PS: I love the golf ball so much that I just recently named my Doberman Titleist.


                                                                          Yours Truly,



I am 64 yrears old and I am now using the NEW Pro V1 golf balls. They all tell me now, "I am out there witht he BIG boys."  My drives are averaging 285 ...maybe a bit mre. WOW!  Iam VERY very happy!  Dave Incardona