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I had two eagles in a row with the new pro v. I'm no hero golfer either. I am good for about 2 or 3 a year. Needless to say this was the first time it's ever happened in my life.
It was a 510ish downhill par 5 and I hit the drive of my life ( I don't really have the long ball). I had about 220 to the green and hit my 17* to about 10 feet and drained the putt.
My playing partner made some sly comment about being lucky.
The next hole is a short par 4 and I put it on the fairway about 150 out. I hit a really pure 8 iron that checked up and limped into the hole. I looked at him and said "you were saying something about luck" I'm pretty sure he picked up a box of new pro v's right after that. It was also the first time I beat him.
It was the best 19th hole ever.

Hello again


I played my first full round with the new V1X's, WOW! I hit my 3 wood further than I hit my driver (with an old ball)! The accuracy of my shots was much improved to less sidespin of the X model. And, I didn't lose a ball the whole round, I have never done this before, thanks Titleist.


I am a Titleist player for life.


Thank you very much Titleist, you really do make the best ball in golf!



Dear Team Titleist,

 I just shot my lowest round ever(68) with the new Pro-V1X, I just love this ball, its long off the tee and it comes off my Scotty oh so beautifully when putting. I also have to give a little credit to my 909's(Driver, woods and hybrids) and to my old trusty 735s CMs, just love everything Titleist. Never been so confident on my equipment since I picked up my first club 11 years ago. Thank you Titleist.

1SG Rubert, Carlos

Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Well I have not shot my lowest round ever, but I am bringing down my handicap index rather well. I shot a 88 today with several lost strokes due to poor putts, or it would have been in 83-84 range.  I owe it all to the ProV1X ball and the way it leaps away from the club face when I hit it.  I was hitting the NXT line and it was good, but I have noticed a major difference in the ProV line.  I am a convert and will go tell it on the mountain if need be.  Now I am gonna try and get that index down from a 14 to a sub 10.  So hopefully I will be reporting good news by end of summer.  have a good one people and keep hitting those Titleist int he short grass. 

Had my dad pick up a dozen ProV1x's on the way down to NC because they were on sale.  Handed him the cash on the first tee and pulled out a brand new red #5.  After I birdied the 16th, my 3rd birdie out of a possible 4 par 5s, i reflected on the fact that i had a good shot at breaking 80.  Two up and downs for par, and i asked my friend what I shot......72, even par!  First time ever shooting even par.  Kept the ball and the scorecard.  Re-gripping the AP2s tonight, back at it tomorrow.  Driver fitting in less than two goal....round under par!


Thanks Titleist.

Last spring I played in our high school conference tournament. Having a reputable season to this point, I had been 4th in the conference player of the year standings. While playing under immense pressure, I trusted my ProV1 to get me around the course that day. After starting off with two disappointing bogeys, I decided to aim at the flag on the difficult 12th. Using my 54 degree Vokey I pured a shot straight into the hole for my first ever Hole-In-One!!!!! The next hole was a reachable Par 5. I reached the green in 2 and could not belief I was putting for back to back eagles! I made the putt and continued the round at 2 under 70. This sensational round vaulted me all the way to 1st in the conference player of the year standings. Thanks to the entire Titleist line of equipment and golf balls I can truely say that I am a champion because of you.

Thank you for the remarkable performance,

Tony C


I am playing the new Pro V1 and it is by far the best ball I have ever played. I have communicated this to our Titleist Rep Todd Jenkins, who is the greatest rep we have ever had in Brownwood, Tx.

Also, i have a question, "Is there a Titleist golf ball archive similar to the Club archive?" Mayb you can direct me to the right place to ask the question. Thanks

Sneaky Long


Mat B

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

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My name is Mat Blair, on july 6,2004 i shot 60 at the Monticello Open a Indiana PGA section event using the Titleist PRO V1X. i have been a loyal Titleist ball player my entire life  i tell my students i have the curse of the titleist if i don't play a titleist you can count on a bad number. Thank you Titleist 

Would love to try new pro v 1 x's but there isn't any golf ball fitting days around here and I was wondering if you could send me a couple 2 packs or a sleeve of them so I can try and then write about them

Two weekends ago I played in 20-30 mph winds. I walked up to the 4th tee which was a 220 yard par 3 into the wind. There was water in front of the green so I was forced to pull out my driver since my 3 wood probably wouldn't make it there due to the wind. I teed up my Titleist Pro V1 and hit it straight into the extremely strong wind. My Pro V1 ended up hitting about a yard short of the pin, rolled up, and lipped out! It sat there about two feet from the hole. I have never gotten a hole in one, but I couldn't imagine the feeling I would have had if that ball dropped. I ended up shooting a 42 on the nine holes I played because of a 9 on the last hole, which was a par 5. I will never forget the shot I had on that par 3 with that amazing Pro V1, which did exactly what I wanted. I'm going out tomorrow and you can be sure that I will be hitting another Pro V1 with my AP2's,  Vokey wedges, 910F, and Scotty Cameron that are sitting in my 14-way Titleist bag! The only thing missing is the 910 driver, which I hope to have by the end of the summer.

shot 81 this past Saturday at Dyker Beach in Brooklyn using the new Pro V1 and wearing a Titleist Players Glove - my best score in three years!  I had a put for 79 on 18, unfortunate 3 putt - but I'm still very happy!  Onward to the 70s!

The new Pro V1 ball rocks - no doubt, no question.



It was last Tuesday, May 10th. I was turning the Big 4-0 and celebrating with a round of golf at Sandy Burr CC in Wayland, MA. Standing in the pro shop, I decided to treat myself to a sleeve of ProV1's (rather than my usual NXT Tours).

I played a solid front nine, which for me means a 42. But it was cold and nasty out...and I was playing with my old college roommate who also posted a solid from nine (for him) of 67 ;-)

On the back, I parred the 200 yard uphill par 3 10th. And then, with my approach on the par 5 11th, "it" happened:

70 yards to a middle right hole location. Grabbed my 59.09 Black Nickel Vokey Spin Milled, stood over my ProV1 and took dead aim.

Slight draw...over the top of the back 8-10 feet to 2 inches (see photo).

What, you were expecting a hole out?!

For a mid-handicapper like myself, watching a ProV1 react just like I hoped/dreamed it would was a 40th birthday present I won't soon forget.

Tim Weldon

right on Tim - GREAT shot - this game is so unbelievably gratifying!



Any round that I get to play  with my father and brother is very much a blessing.  My dad is retired and cared for my mother every day she was fighting cancer until her passing.  My brother retired from the Air Force and took care of all of our freedoms along with all the other soldiers (Thanks to ALL of you).

Dad is a scratch golfer and my brother is bringing his game around.  We are all very much different and so much the same.

We all love golf so very much and all play Titleist clubs and balls.  

Mike and the Titleist staff, Thanks for the opportunity to tell our stories for all to read.


Tim Tiger

While I still have quite a few of the older model balls, 2009-2010, I tried the new ones today and found that they are better. I found that I got more distance and was able to get more spin on the ball on approach shots to the green and much better putting with the firmer feel of the ball off the putter. Of course, I have been using ProV1 and ProV1x for the last several years, but have always been a Titleist fan for more than 50 years. Over all the time I have been golfing, the Titleist ball has been my choice over all the others I have tried and now that I own a set Of AP2s and Vokey wedges (52, 56 & 60), I am now working to get all of my other clubs with the Titleist name on them. Needless to say, I am very, very happy with my Titleist clubs and balls. The only thing I am currently trying to figure out is how Titleist is going to improve their line of clubs and balls?