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according to the brand new launch monitor the pro v1 was the worst ball for me having an inconsistent ball flight and distance..... but the nxt-tour was the best with 5 yards between 3 of the shots so im an nxt'er ..... figured i should mention i have won my last 2 juniour competitions with the nxt ..... the 2 after the ball fitting, im guessing its down to the ball then =]

Hi Mike,

Playing a ProV1x I shot a 1-under 34 on the front nine at Harmon Golf Club in Rockland, MA, and an 18 hole total of 75. It's the first time I shot under par for nine holes. Not bad for an 11.2 handicap. :-)

Thank you,


Just received my order of new Pro V1x balls from the buy 3 dozen and get 1 free offer. Couldn't wait to try them out as I had been recently fitted for them at a demo day. I finally had a chance to hit the course this week while on travel and try them out on the Tom Fazio designed Butterfield Trail golf course in El Paso Texas. I am a 15 handicapper and I was expecting the worse as the weather conditions were not the best as the west texas winds were living up to their reputation with winds blowing at 30 mph and gusts up to 45mph!!! All I can say is WOW for how the ball played in those conditions. I couldn't believe how well the ball cut through the winds and especially how approach shots and chips to the green just checked up.  I was playing the best short game of my life in terrible conditions. The bottom line was I shot a 2 over 38 on the front nine!! The only thing that was different from any other previous round in the past was the ball.  I had never even come close to a score like before even in perfect weather. My playing partner was amazed at how well the ball performed especially in such high winds. Unfortunately we could not play the back nine as the weather just got too miserable. So I am now looking forward to playing a full 18 with the Pro V1x to see if I can shoot my lowest 18 hole score and finally break 80! I can't say enough about the performance of these new Pro V1x's. You have a customer for life now!

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Did you shoot your lowest score ever? Win an early season tournament? Break 80 for the first time? Make a hole-in-one? Get up-and-down from a seemingly impossible lie?

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I was playing the 6th round in 3 days at Lost Canyons Sky Course near Los angeles, I was tired, sore and had jsut hurt my ankle stumbling on a hillside.  One the 7th hole, a 170 yd beauty, I

It is interesting to do this. We go south in the winter and I change from the ProV1x to the ProV1 due to the lack of humidity. Plus the weather is hotter and ground is drier so the ball goes farther. In colder weather down there I revert back to the V1x. In Iowa, where we live, I use the ProV1x and NXT Tour in the colder weather. One would not believe the difference in performance that I have encountered, but have tried other balls and the ProV1 & ProV1x are my staples.

2nd Hole in One today, using a ProV1X w/ MGP logo. AP2 PW, 130 yds, Black Titleist fitted Hat and Titleist Performance T-shirt!


Do you feel lucky.....well do ya?

Congrats on the hole in one. Good looking pic and the choice of clubs and rest of the gear make for a great combo

I was playing with two members and Art Stricklin at RockCreek Golf Club Gordonville, Texas 76245. With the perfect driver and ball combination which is the R11 with UST Attas 2 7x shaft and the new Titleist ProV1. I aced number six a 418 yard par 4. This was Unbelievable and feels wonderful. Thank you Titleist for my 20th hole-in-one on par 4''s!

I went out and bought a sleeve of Pro V1's and actually held some greens!!!! What a ball. Great job Titleist!

shot my all time low 2 over 74 (35-39) playing the titleist pro v1x last weekend, thanks titleist

In late 2010 my friend switched from Srixon to Titleist Prov1x. My friend was such a die hard Srixon man that the vanity plate on his car said Srixon. He has been bugging me to at least try a Pro v golf ball. I always refused. I did not want to be like the majority of people we play with and did not think that it would make THAT MUCH difference from the others. Finally on July 6, 2011 at the recommendation of a golf pro at my local Edwin Watts I decided to try the Pro v1. My normal putter had to be shipped to the
manufacturer for 3 weeks because of a defect so I even had to use a putter that I had only used one other time. It was a Scotty Cameron that I got a deal on that I could not refuse and was gathering dust in my garage. I normally shoot anywhere from 86 – 93. On this day though using a ball that I have NEVER used and a putter that I have only used 1 other time, I shot a 76. It would have been a 74 but I hit 2 terrible shots with my Gap wedge. 2 of my wedges are Vokeys which I absolutely love and the 3rd one, you guessed it, is not a Vokey. Guess what I will be purchasing promptly. I am now a believer in Titleist golf balls and can’t believe the difference in premium balls. Now I understand why it is the #1 ball in golf

I have recently switched over from the old Pro V1x's to the new ones and have seen a difference in my game. I have dropped two strokes consistently. I am receiving more distance and more spin. A week ago I chipped in from 50 yards. It was a flop shot over a bunker kicked off the hill and rolled 20 feet into the hole.

I spent a number of hours testing a variety of premium golf balls. I had no preconceived notions going into the testing, I just wanted the ball that would perform the best for me. The Titleist ProV1x came out on top, this kind of surprised me, but I couldn't fault my results as my testing was quite rigorous and involved a number of variables.

The ProV1x is now the ball I play.

Over the weekend using a Pro V1X, I shot my best round of the year, a 79. Thanks, Titleist Chris