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I can hit the PRO V1 with consistent accuracy and distance until the cover starts to split after being subjected to pure abuse. There has got to be good secret stuff inside that white cover.


During one night in my Tuesday League... the day's format was alternate shot. I just barely missed the fairway with my tee shot on the left side of a par 5 slightly dogleg left.  I told my partner to hit our second shot back towards the fairway near the 150 yard marker.  Needless to say he missed way right and put my "brand new-just out of the box ProV1x" under the tree (picture included).  Which I had just to punch out... we lost the hole but managed to halve our match. 

I have used the prov1 balls for over a year and the only problem that i have even noticed was that sometimes the balls would come with deffections on them which bummed me out bacause it had to affect the preformance. I was woundering if anybody new where to go to tell titleist.
Played my first round with the new Pro V1X, after having to take a year off from golf. having used nike balls before, I decided to make the change to the Pro V1X and loved it. I found myself able to controll the ball a lot better with my irons, it putts great and rolls consistant on the green. Off the tee with my driver the only problem was with myself and not the golf ball at all; however, I did manage to figure things out and hit more fairways than ever before.

i used a pro v1 to make my hole in one it was a great exciting experience and i am glad i shared it with a titleist golf ball thanks titleist and keep making the titleist company better and better(not that it isn't the best already)

Best (looking) shot of my life-

I was laid up about 75 yards on a big green with a back to front slope.  There was water short, and nasty rough on the back side of the green.  I knew I had more yards in the club than I needed, but with the predictable spin of the Pro V1 I tried to pull off a heck of a shot.  I pulled out my Vokey 60* and hit it pure right over the pin.  It landed all the way on the back tier of the green and then pulled the string.  It spun back about 30 yards and just lipped out of the cup on the way back stopping about 3 feet of the cup.  It would have been better if it went in, but I have to say that it was thrilling to hit one "like the pros".

I recently took the PGA PAT at Mile Square Golf Course in Fountain Valley, CA. I played the same Titleist Pro V1 for both rounds, 75-78 to pass the PAT! It was my first time attempting it and was very excited to do it.

congratulations. are you going to try to become a teaching pro?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Did you shoot your lowest score ever? Win an early season tournament? Break 80 for the first time? Make a hole-in-one? Get up-and-down from a seemingly impossible lie?

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I ended up breaking 80 for the first time, at a course that I just so happen to play for the 2nd time. It was important for a few reasons... First was, this was the course that hooked me into golf so deep, that I'll never turn back. Cuscowilla golf club, a fantastic Coore and Crenshaw course. Secondly, it was a great round, with random guys out there enjoying their friday. It was also my last round as a single man, and I played it the weekend of my wedding, which was AT the club.

So I broke 80 for the first time, on my last round as a single man, the day before my wedding, and did it with a ProV1 #9.

Epic... We also gave out Custom #9 ProV'1s at the wedding on every table, and I had a Titleist bag grooms cake!

I know I already posted, but Saturday I had an eagle from 165 out.  It was the perfect little draw, tracking all the way, that found it's way into the bottom of the cup.  My Pro V "Giahotsauce" #7 just took one bounce, checked up, and trickled into the back pin.  

Got Up-and-Down on the 13th Hole at Pontiac Elks Uphill, Shortsided, San Wedge to 3 feet! :)


Unlike most others it seems, I did not loose the first ball.  Not that I am better than them, NO WAY.  Just got lucky.  I have one the shelf for keepers.  Still have the other two.  So to the test.

Feel was really good.  Much softer off the club.  Kind of a bit too soft, but I can get used to it.  I found myself swinging easier cause of the feel.  That improved the score I will guess.  The increased spin is an issue for me.  Had three spin off the green after landing behind the pin.  Granted, I need to learn how to control that.  Off the Tee, the added spin did make my natural draw aiming kind of a joke.  It took five holes before I really got used that spin off the Tee.  Made the dog legs a bit easier, I like that.  The fast I can get a wedge in my hand the better.  Speaking of wedges; the new ball did not cut as harshly.  I did use an older ball and hit the same shot, and could see the difference in the cut surface of the ball. Putting. I had to move to the Blacked Out Laguna.  My Newport was too heavy and I was pushing the ball past the hole.  The softer feel, lighter putter, with the Marsh mellow feeling face, was money (Literally).  I gave a couple skins back, but made up to it with closest to pin, and long drive.  Thanks Team Titleist for the $190.00.


Mike - could be interesting that Titleist Team member 80 year old Joe Roberts scored eight birdies to shoot 69 in the opening round of Gainesville, Georgia's City Championship Sep. 19. Roberts, playing Titleist AP2 irons and ProV1 golf balls, won the City Super Senior Championship the following day. He also holds the same 2013 title at Chicopee Woods, another Gainesville course.

Hard work and dedication is finally paying off!  Had a great day of golf.  Titleist has the best gear in golf.  Oh yeah, "Fear the white pants!"