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Golf Clubs

962 irons

Hi, I'm new here. I've been using the 962 irons for almost 20 years and want to know which of the latest few...

Golf Clubs

Driver tool

Hey folks how can I get a replacement tool for my driver? I bought a C-16 driver, the tool came in a nice leather zipper...

Golf Clubs

AP2 / AP3 Combo set

I have always regretted not purchasing the 910 AP2s back in the day. Well, after 2 fittings I finally have a combo set of...

Golf Clubs

Order Submitted

I played the original AP2 irons for about seven years; so long that the grooves were damn near gone in spots. I loved those...

Golf Clubs

716 CB

I have read plenty of reviews of the 716 CB’s but I wanted those of you here at TT to give me your opinion on these clubs?...

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