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hi entering a long drive comp and looking for a new shaft I have a 913D3 with the rip shaft. great shaft to play with but not when you turn up the...

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hi I have a 913D3 driver with the RIP SHAFT. this is a great shaft to play with however I am competing in a long drive...

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Driving iron

Does anyone know if Titleist offers a stock or custom-made 1 iron (driving iron)?

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I ordered a driver thru my golf coach in Iowa on 7/6/16 and was wondering on when it would be in?

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Hi, I have a handcap of 12 over and I'm try to decide if I need ap1 or ap2 I play in many tournament and I would like...

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917 drivers

Hi there, does anyone know if the 917 will be compatible with the 915 surefit shaft system. Thanks,

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