Mixed Iron Set

Mixed iron sets are nice depending on your typical misses. I have contemplated the same thing, as a weekend player and 5 hcp., I'm finding out that my swing is either on or off that day, however usually able to figure how to score on the back nine. 

I personally don't believe the actual sweet spots are that much bigger ( dime vs nickel sort of thing), however the CB would offer more forgiveness in the launch on misses.The CB's typically have more offset and wider soles than the MB's, not sure how that would effect the transition in the iron set or release. I am thinking of the MB's with something like the DG Pro S300 shafts to improve the launch in the longer irons while maintaining the control of the scoring irons? Just things to consider, still can't decide!

I am seriously thinking of getting a mixed set of 714 irons. Looking at cb 3-5 &  mb 6-P. I would love to hear some feedback from players who has used this set-up.

Looking at the online specs it appears they transition well together (loft, offset & bounce). I am curious of the sole grinds & camber between the two 714 models? do they have the same turf interaction? I wouldn't like if mb are smooth thru turf & cb's a little sticky.

I would recommend a mixed set, I just got fit for the new 714s and went with a mixed set.  Precision in the scoring irons, forgiveness  in the long irons. I also went with the 712 u for my 3 iron.