5 Wood and Hybrid

Hey guys-do you think i should have both a 5 wood and a hybrid? I have 2 BurnerSuperfast 2.0 fairway metals (3 and 5) but i can't hit my 3 iron well. Should i replace my 3 iron with a 910h? Thanks!!!

Basically, if there is a club you don't hit well, then you should replace it with a club you do hit well.

A hybrid designed to replace a 3i is not designed to replace a 5w. If you have a 1 club difference in distance between 4i and 5w, then just simply drop the 3i.

That is a matter of personal preference. Use a 21H if you want to go that route. The problem is that Titleist doesn't make a 24H. I found out I couldn't hit a 3 iron hybrid very well either, but could knock the daylights out of a 7 wood. I happen to be a bit of a proponent of a 7 wood. There is minimal difference in distance between it and the 5 wood and it is much easier to hit on most fairway conditions. I would personally use a 7 wood instead of a 5 wood and a 3 iron hybrid. A 7 wood is pretty workable because it has a reasonably short shaft (usually about 41-41.5). I can hit a choked down shot with a 7 wood. There is about a 15 yard gap between it and the 3 wood.
I tend to agree with Quintin. If you intend on keeping the 5 wood, why not just simply toss the 3 iron and choke down on the wood to hit the in between distance? This also gives you room for an extra club (such as having two sand wedges - one for tight bunkers and another for soft bunkers, a gap wedge, a 64 wedge, a chipping iron or an "approach hybrid"). Here's another option to think about.... why not toss the 3 and 4 irons and use a 24 deg 910H hybrid? The 24 deg hybrid is going to give almost the same distance as the 3 iron and all you need to do for 4 iron distance is choke down 1/2". I'm still one to tend to steer toward using a 7 wood in place of the 5 wood and 3 iron. A 7 wood will launch under a wide variety of conditions and the distance diff between it and a 5 wood MIGHT be 10 yards. The 19 degree 910 fairway wood can be adjusted between 18.25 (strong 5 wood) to 20.5 (standard 7 wood). With the 910 woods, you could buy the 15 and 19 and set them up as a 4 wood (16.5) and a 7 wood (20.5); I had a 975 F 16.5 and 20.5 at one time. The gap between my 3 wood and 7 wood is 15 yards.

I have replaced my 3i with a 21° 910H. I also carry a 910F in 19° set to 18.25°. I find the 910H a lot more useful than the 3i, especially out of very deep rough and fairway bunkers. It also fills the club gap pretty well; my 4i is about 195, the 910H is 210 and the 910F is about 225.

Andy, anyone can give you random answers, the keys are the following. first replace the clubs that you struggle with, you already have the 5 fairway. so if you replace the 3 iron find a hybrid such as the 910H 21 degree. with ajustability you can change the loft 1.5 degrees both ways. I have set mine on 22.5 on A4 or B4 setting. this way I have replaced my 3 iron. it works well. depending on how well you drive the ball you can swop between the 3 and 5 fairway metals. I have the 910 Fd 3 fairway as I use it a lot of the tee and swop between my 5 wood and 19 degree hybrid depending on conditions keep your wedges simple. spend time practicing hitting greens and if you mis the green, make sure you get onto it, a lot of people get very fancy with wedges, most pro's carry a pw and 2 other wedges.

Ha i have a better quistion for you? Do you need the 3 iron. and how much would it affect your game if you dropped your three iron and added a wedge instead. in addition by doing this play your shots to where you wouldnt need the 3 iron. If i didn't have two par threes that were at th 210-225 range i wouldnt carry the 3 iron. I always play to the 150 range even on short par fours out of 18 holse on my home course i use the driver only 6 times and i use a three wood on ever thing else. i only use the driver on one of 4 par fives becouse the fairways are split in two at the 260 range so a driver puts me in the ruff on three of them. so i just play for on in three and i have better results. also im more consistant from the 150 range. i can use anything between a pw-8i base on pin position and be on in two if i get my tee shot their. so for me their is no need for a 3i but i can always use another wedge. If i was on a par five 225 out hitting my second shot i would prbably hit a 5i get about 20 or so out and the bump and run it up. this usually leaves me with a better chance a birdie than a choke down 5w that could leave me in a buker or deap ruff if i miss the green. just look at your game and see if the 3I is really that important. if you would only use the club once and on a fairway you probably dont need it. Cheers! fairways and greens Simba

Oops I stood corrected .... saw a 24H here. Also read about a 27H being released in Nov. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Hi Can you tell me the difference In yardages between a 910    5 Wood & Hybn both with 19 degrees tloft

Hello Andy,

If you hit your 5W well then by all means keep it IF its a club you use regularly.

I had carried a 3i for years but one day putting my clubs in the car trunk I noticed how spotless and near pristine my 3i looked. I realized that I really only ever used it to play one long par 3 on a course I didnt play very often (once a year maybe). I can hit a hybrid one club farther than corresponding iron so I replaced the 3i with a 4H. I get a much higher ball flight, it's easier to stop, easier to hit out of the rough & fairways bunkers, and I sometimes use it for bump and run shots around the green. Its much more versatile than a 3i. I also realized that if I choke down on that 4H I could hit it the same length as my old 4i so I pulled the 4i out of the bag as well and replaced it with a 4th wedge.

Keep it in the fairways.

Frank C

Hi Can you tell me the difference In yardages between a 910    5 Wood & Hybn both with 19 degrees tloft

Could be 0, 10 or 20 depending on how well you hit each.

I know that I hit a 21 fairway about 185 and a 21 hybrid about 170.  I hit a 9 wood (24*) just as far as a 21H

I hit a 910F 19* at A3 about 190-200.    The best I've done with a 20 hybrid is 180 yards.


Since my last few posts, I have changed my setup from a TM Burner 7W and Sumo SQ2 5/26 hybrid to 910F 19* (A3, 41") and 910H 27* (A3, 38").   I tried for the past year to integrate the 21H into my bag but always ended up faring better with a choke shot with the fairway.  I just acquired a 24* 9 wood when helping a friend clean his shed and it does exactly what I need.

Experience has dictated to me that there is about a 10 yard difference between a 7 wood and a 21 hybrid on equally hit shots.  The difference between a 28 fairway and 27 hybrid is about 5 yards.  


Frank C

Hi Can you tell me the difference In yardages between a 910    5 Wood & Hybn both with 19 degrees tloft

I happen to own a 5W and a 2H (another manufacturer) both 18 degrees loft but the 5W shaft is 1.5" longer. I normally carry the 2H as I find it much more versatile but I bought the 5W for the extra distance (about 15 yards) which I needed for certain par 5's on a handful of courses that I play regularly. For me, the 5W also has a lower overall ball flight. The 2H flies higher but stops more quickly with less roll out.