Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.2 Tour Spec Availability?

Hi Cathi, I recently purchased a 913 D3 9.5° with Diamana Ahina D+ 72 stiff shaft.  I was wondering how does the Motore Speeder tour spec VC 7.2 compare . I am after a low launch/Spin shaft. I don't mind the Ahina but was wondering is it an upcharge if I got the Motore speeder. Also what is the difference between the 7.2 and tour spec 7.2. Many Thanks

gojipoj. it is an up charge for the Tour spec. I currently play the VC 7.2 tour spec in X-stiff. it is a stiffer shaft that you can feel in all aspecs of the swing. the tour spec is slightly stiffer than the standard 7.2. the biggest diffrence is in shot dispersity. witch sounds good on paper when i tellyou i have a tighter shot pattern but the truth is you have to have the ability to swing that shaft to still make it work able. when i first went to the 7.2 TS i lost my cut draw. it took about two months to work that shot back in the bag. I would recomend demo'ing that shaft be for buying. (and yes i know that is a hard thing to find) but thats a shaft that you can either swing or not at all. and most people can't. but to finish up i do love that shaft. dont know if this was any help.

cheers. greens and fairways



The VC 7.2 tour spec will launch lower than the standart motor speeder and the d+ 72.

The upcharge for my tour spec was about 170 euros.

You'll get a better feel with the tour spec over the d+ and the standard version and tighter dispersion

Could you let me know your driver swing speed ?

Hope this helps

The VC 7.2 Tour Spec is slightly stiffer and should spin a little less than the Plus White.  Keep in mind that the Plus series is not tipped, although we can tip it up to an inch and a half which would stiffen the tip section.  Tipping one inch on that shaft will bring the flex down about 1/4-1/3 of a flex.  The Tour Spec 7.2 is stiffer than the standard 7.2.

Matthew S   i was playing the Motore speeder 6.2 in a X flex and I now Have a Tour Spec 6.2 in my 910D2 and it plays stiffer than my X ball flight is considerbly lower Tim C

Not sure where else to ask this so I'll post here.  I tested 913 D2 and D3 8.5* drivers with D+ 72 shaft in S and X.  I prefer my current driver with the Black Motore Speeder 7.2 S and may consider it in a 913 D3 head (I have played the shaft in my driver for a year now and it plays between the S and X in the D+ 72 I demo'd, I hit more accurately and liked the feel a bit better, (I will say though the D+ 72 is one of the best stock shafts Titleist has ever offered).

Can you get (special order), the Motore Speeder 8.2 in S flex as well for the 913 FD iwhen its released in the spring?