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Jerry B

same here. I'd like to hear what Titleist has for "little kids." Jerry B

Our clubs can be customized to accommodate shorter players whether they are juniors or women.  We have done some testing with driver lengths as short as 4" under standard which is 41" and they are playable, although out of our normal parameters. 
We have not created "little kids" clubs for a young child, but as you have read in the thread above, they can be built to work for children as young as 10 years old, depending on their ability.

My 13 year old son recently went to the UK national fitting center and I can't say enough good things about them.... the bottom line is if you want the confidence you have the correctly configured equipment in your hands you should take advice from the people whom fit Titleist clubs day in and day out. You will be surprised at the infinite number of combinations, but they will quickly home in on the right specification

Model:  712 AP2, Composition: 5 - PW + GW, Shaft: Nippon NS 850GH (Band S1a), Flex:   Regular, Length:   Standard, Loft:   Standard, Lie:  Standard    
Model: SM4 Vokey Black Nickel, Composition: 56.11, Shaft: Nippon NS 850GH (Band S1a), Flex: Regular, Length: Std Mens,  Loft:   Standard, Lie:  Standard     
Model: SM4 Vokey Black Nickel, Composition: 60.07, Shaft: Nippon NS 850GH (Band S1a), Flex: Regular, Length: Std Mens, Loft:   Standard, Lie:  Standard  
Model: 913 D2, Composition: 10.5, Shaft:   Diamana Blue 62 S+ , Flex:   Regular, Length:   Std Mens, Setting: A4    
Model: 913 F, Composition: 17, Shaft:  Titleist Bassara W 55, Flex:   Regular, Length: -1/2", Setting: A4    
Model: 913 H, Composition: 24, Shaft:  Titleist Bassara W 60, Flex:   Regular, Length: -1/2", Setting: A1 

These are all great suggestions and ideas.  My 5 year old is on his 2nd set of US Kids clubs.  The length is the key at the early age (in my opinion).  The US Kids line is very easy to follow and he really likes them.  

i have the same problen im 13 and 5 foot im using wilson clubs at the moment and im starting to hate the flex. the moxi clubs arent my style in gameplay and id be nice if titleist made new jr golf clibs my driver just broke and iv been loking for a new one so i looked at titleist they have great clubs but not for my size  plz help

If you read Cathi's response earlier in the thread, Titleist can easily build any club for you. At five feet tall, you may be as little as one inch short of men's standard. That's a very easy build for the people in the custom department. Make sure to get fitted for your proper lie angle as well if you're getting irons and wedges. That's very important for shot accuracy. 

My daughter is 10 years and SS is 70 miles. I am thinking to customize 913F fairway for her with 37 inches  at  21 degree. Is it doable?  What is the club head weight of 913F.  My daughter is not very strong there she needs a lighter club head in order to for her easy to swing


With a swingspeed of 70 (I assume driver) and your concerns with strength, she would be much better off in a set of woman's or kids clubs.  When my son was that size he had great success with women's clubs. These clubs have a lighter head and more flexible shaft. You'll still have to cut them down which will stiffen them up. 

My son couldn't wait to get into Titleist (men's) clubs and his worst year at Junior Worlds was the year he talked me into putting him into adult clubheads too soon.  When you do this you end up with a stiffer shaft and a heavy head which costs a junior lots of distance.  

You are probably like I was and eager to get her into a set of 14 clubs.  Kids golf now makes a set of kids clubs for advanced kids (as opposed to the beginner sets you can buy for all ages, apparently most kids clubmakers assume a kid never progresses beyond beginner).  We chose a set of women's clubs instead. There are lots of good choices out there now and some of the colors really appeal to kids.  When shopping, keep in mind that the graphite shafts will be stiffer when cut down.

Tell her she can have the adult clubs when her swing speed is 80-85 and she is about 5 feet tall.  

At the younger age groups the competitions will be dominated by kids that are large for their age and kit the ball farther.  Tell her that is ok. When they are 15 and everyone hits the ball about the same distance, they won't have her short game.


Max C

My daughter is 10 years and SS is 70 miles. I am thinking to customize 913F fairway for her with 37 inches  at  21 degree. Is it doable?  What is the club head weight of 913F.  My daughter is not very strong there she needs a lighter club head in order to for her easy to swing


Jerry is right on and he has a lot of good practical experience with building clubs to fit Tommy.  We have fitting accounts out there and they have hybrids built with ladies shafts at 36.5" as well as a ladies driver at 41", fairway at 39" and a ladies iron at 35.5".  Let us know where you are located and we can see if there is an account in your area with one of these junior matrixes.

Thanks for  this info, that will be great to build it for my daughter.

I lived in San Jose, 95129 CA.



Thanks for your feedback.  You are pretty right on the situation.  She is using kids equipment right now, the iron set is good for her. But the fairway and driver just not that good in terms of the distance. 

As you have said that at this age, distance really count when you join the tournament , I have tried cut down lady's driver and fairway wood for her with little success. It just too heavy for her.  

I was able to get a Japan spec lighter driver for her. She love it. However, She still needs a lighter version of fairway in order to close the distance gap in between driver and hybrid.

Thanks a lot for your sharing


Hi Max,  There is a full set of junior shafts at San Ramon GC in the East Bay, but I have also spoken to Palo Alto Municipal, which is a little closer to you and can send them a set of junior shafts if you would like to take her there for a fitting.

What are the junior shafts?

Best Regards,

Arnold Reyes





Hi, Cathi,

Thanks for your help on this.  My daughter current use US Kids Iron and she is fine with that. What I am looking for is fairway wood for her. I am not looking junior set.

Yesterday I was managing to get the club head weight of Titliest 910F 5W - 213g.  Is this information accurate? 213g  is similiar to X Hot fairway wood which he felt is too heavy. I am looking for 5W/4W club head weight is around 200 to 205g


Hi Max,  Sorry for the confustion.  What I meant by "set" is that we have a set of junior shafts, which include drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons. Bezel weights in the surefit heads can vary from 2 grams to 12 grams in the 910 heads.  You may find that it is the entire club and not the dead weight of the head that you will be looking for as far as building a suitable club for your daughter. 

Arnold R

What are the junior shafts?

Best Regards,

Arnold Reyes 


Hi Arnold,  Here are the shafts in the junior shaft matrix.

Driver – Bassara W 50 Reg at 44”, A-flex at 43” & 42”, L-flex at 41”

Fairway - Bassara W 55 Reg at 41” and 40”, A-flex at 39½”, L-flex at 39”

Hybrid - Bassara W Hyb 60 Reg at 38½” & 37½”, A-flex at 37”, L-flex at 36½”

Iron –  DG XP95 R100 36½”, KuroKage 65 Reg 37”, A-flex 36”, KuroKage 50 L-flex at 35½”