I need to know if my irons are ordered 2* flat and 3/4" short on standard length.  What is the effective lie angle?


I need to know if my irons are ordered 2* flat and 3/4" short on standard length.  What is the effective lie angle?


You can look up your clubs here on just go to the golf clubs page, pick your clubs, click on the specs tab 

Effectively it would be 2.75* flat.  

Here's the math.....    Standard 7 iron = 37" and 63* lie angle.   2* flat = 61* lie angle.     Standard 9 iron = 36" with 64* lie angle.  Your 7 iron is now 36 1/4" so that would be an effective lie angle of 2.75* flat (if you were to shorten your 7 iron to 36", it would be like playing a 9 iron that is 3* flat).

Thanks for the help!!!

I was fitted with my 712  AP2's today and I measured at 3 degrees upright but the fitter said that the recommended adjustment shouldn't go beyond 2 degrees upright. Is this true? 

Hi Phillip,  Your fitter might have been referring to the fact that we will only bend an iron 2°.  We have heads that are forged at 2° upright so that we can accomodate builds up to 4°.  If you order your clubs at 3° upright, we will take a 2° upright head and bend it another degree up so ordering your clubs at 3° is no problem at all. 

Thanks Cathi for the quick response. Unfortunately I already purchased my 712 AP2 irons with standard lie so I already had them bent to 2 degrees upright since that was the max they could go. This is good information to have for my next set of Titleist irons in the future. Maybe when the 913 irons come out...LOL! 

Phillip, I've bent thousands of irons and many of the modern Titleist 710s and 12s. I've gone 4 and even five degrees with MBs, CBs, and AP2s. Having your irons bent one degree more upright is fine. The issue as you increase the bend is more of a cosmetic one than a risk of breakage since the heads are very fine forged stainless steel. The external chrome can show the faintest stretching. This is only visible under close inspection( 4-6 inches) and the head itself is just fine. Very rarely has this happened when I have only bent 3 degrees and it's slight even above that. If you still need that degree after already playing the irons at 2 up, go ahead and get it done. If it's not absolute, leave it alone. With your wedge off one degree on a perfectly aimed and struck shot, the accuracy may only be off 10 feet( depends on spinrate). As the loft of the club goes down, this decreases so it's even less of an issue. Play well!

Thanks for the info. I've played a few rounds with the irons at 2 upright and it seems to be working fine. I will still keep an eye out for my shots. Right now I am hitting the nice draw that I was looking for so issues as of yet. Again thanks!


I have a question referring to Lie angle. As stated in my earlier post I recently adjusted my irons 2 degrees upright. I have the 910 D2 driver would I have the to adjust the lie angle on that too? Looking at the Sure Fit chart A-2 is 1.75 degrees upright. This promotes a draw which I usually hit. Any info would be appreciated. There was a Titleist demo day set up over here in Okinawa about a week ago but due to the storm it was cancelled so I couldn't get the answer I was looking for.

Can the 712 AP1's be order 3 degrees upright?

Hi Phillip,  A2 is the setting to move the lie angle to 1.5° upright (which is maximum), and standard loft.  The entire left hand column is 1.5° upright with the most loft at the top and the least loft at the bottom.

Yes, you can order your AP1 irons 3° upright - even 4° upright.

Thanks Cathi! I will give this setting a try. 

Thanks Cathi! Oh I wish we had a Titleist fitter over here in Okinawa Japan.