913 D2 head

You can't complain about Titleist coming out with a new driver every 2 years when TM releases a new driver every 4-6 months! Just because a company releases a new driver/ club doesn't mean you need to go out and buy it. I just purchased the Titleist 913 D2 driver with the Diamana S+ 62 Blue Shaft (i'm still waiting to receive it via mail). I previously owed the TM Burner '09. I typically use my drivers and irons for roughly 4 years before upgrading. For one it's far to expensive to upgrade on a yearly basis and two it is not even close to being necessary. 

I'm not one to complain on the prices very often because 90% of my equipment is purchased via E-Bay. You can always find killer deals on there compared to golf galaxy, etc. As most of you know the 913 D2 is $400 in the stores. I just purchased a brand new 913 D2 on E-Bay for $285!!! That's a 30% Discount! The most you'll pay for the 913 D2 on ebay is $330, but be patient, search around and you'll find even better deals. I also own the miz MP53's (I love em) which were $900 when released in stores. I purchased them on E-Bay for roughly $450! Now that was a much better discount than you'll usually find but still be smart when purchasing new equipment. Don't buy new clubs every year and search the web/E-Bay for the great deals. 

Can't wait to hit my new 913 D2 Driver!!!

P.S. I love the newly designed Head Cover!

Nate S

Alright everybody,

I have asked Cathi at club concierge if you can just buy a head but you can't. You have to buy a shaft with the driver.

Also, the sure-fit hosel might be a little different in the 913.

I noticed this thread never answered the original question.  Titleist doesn't sell heads alone - you'd have to buy it with any standard charge shaft to reuse your 910D shaft with a new head.  For the drivers, the adaptor is the same.  For the F/H they are looking at refitting 910 shafts to fit the 913 models that are diffenent (and not interchangable) if you want to reuse those shafts.