DCI 962 Irons: adjusting lie angle

I'm hoping one of the folks from Titleist can answer this question. To what degree can the lie angle of the DCI 962s be adjusted, if at all? Thanks in advance.

We would recommend that the irons not be bent more than 2°. 

If they are anything like DCI 981, probably 2* either way.  I had some DCI 981s I got dirt cheap from Play It Again Sports and had to adjust them 2* upright to meet specs.

Thanks for the quick reply, Cathi.

Can you please tell me what the original lofts and lies are for the DCI 962s? I can’t remember if I’ve already had  them adjusted.

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3-60°, 4- 61°, 5- 62°, 6- 62.5°, 7- 63°, 8- 63.5°, 9- 64°, PW- 64°


Thanks for the reply. Would you also tell me, how much can the loft angles be bent on the 962s? Thanks again. Jim

We wouldn't recommend bending them more than 1° or 2° max.

Cathi. Thanks for the reply. I'd like to bend the lofts 2* strong, and the lies 1* flat. If I do that, what are the potential implications or consequences for both play-ability and integrity of the club head? Jim

A good club builder should be able to do that without a problem - the only thing to keep in mind is if the clubs have been bent a lot before and the fact that they are 15 years old.