Driver Trajectory - Such a thing as too high?

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Alex R

Recently changed from a TM Superfast 2.0 10.5 loft, which i grew to hate with a passion, to a 910D2 10.5 loft w/ Project X 6.0 7C3.  I don't get to play with many other golfers so I really have no other knowledgeable opinion on this.  I have been driving the ball better than I have in a while in terms of keeping it in the fairway with about a 270-280 average which I am thrilled with.  The thing is that my ball flight can some times be ridiculously high.  

Does that mean I could be leaving some distance on the table or am I just getting greedy?  


I'm using a very close shaft that you have on your D2 right now. I have a TM RBZ Project X Black 6.0 @ 46". I haven't gamed it enough to evaluate it in terms of height, but there are some sometimes when I sky it. Usually your looking for a balloon later in flight that indicates a spin rate that is too high thus leaving yards on the table in terms of carry and roll. I have a tendency to hit it high sometimes, but I don't see the ball balloon mid flight. I'm gonna wait for a few months and see where what the tendencies are and if I still think it's too high I'm just gonna tip the shaft a 1/4 to 1/2" to lower the ball flight and stiffen the shaft.