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Michael H

I have a question... I've looked at the shaft catalog for the ap2 712 irons and I noticed that for KBS Tour shafts it says "standard" and nothing about an up charge. Is there an up charge for these irons or not?

Also what are the pros and cons of this shaft and what would be better the KBS tour or Dynamic Gold S300?

Thanks to all who respond


Michael H

Thanks Cameron.

Is there an up charge for these shafts and if yes, how much is it?

Steven B

I believe the KBS tour shafts are 95-102 grams at its longest. Depending on the flex. The DG shafts vary from 124-130. For me I prefer a stiffer tip, which allows me to feel the club a little more. Both are great shafts. I would definitely do your research and find the one that works the best for you and feels good to you. GET FIT. Definitely be informed about any product you buy. 

Remember that clubs are basically 3 components; thee head, shaft, and grip. All of which should be fit to your liking and skill set. Believe me once you've been fit for all three, you then can start trusting your clubs and yardages easier.

Good luck on all of your choices.

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Cameron D


There is a slight upcharge.  I only have wholesale pricing and can't give that out.  Please contact your local authorized Titleist retailer to get an accurate upcahrge quote.