913 D3 club head purchase

Started by : Cody D |

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Cody D

Seeing as how the 913 driver heads are compatible with the 910 shafts, is it possible to then just purchase the 913 D3 club head and refit it to the hostel? It just makes more sense to buy the club head and put it on my RIP shaft without having to even change to grip that I currently have. No? Can I purchase the club head separately? 

Christian J

Someone else posted this question a few months back, and TItleist said that you can't order just the head.

Cody D

Ya that figures. 

Cody D

Yes, that is exactly my point. I love playing Titleist but any smart consumer can see that if the compatability is there between the two club heads that it is a rip off to purchase the entire 913 driver.  I dont mind spending the cash either but c'mon...this is just common sense.