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Don O

One national chain has announced a 913D launch in November.  Will a Fitting Bag location have the 10.5 and 12 degree LH heads?  Or would these only be at Fitting Cart or Advanced Regional centers?

Don O

Cameron D


These LH heads will only be at the Advanced Fitting Centers and Regional Fitting Centers.  The closest Adavanced Fitting Center near you would be Cherokee Country Club and the Fitters there are Larry Tiziani and Travis Becker.

Let us know if you have any troubles setting up a fitting.

Cherokee Country Club

Advanced Fitting Center What is this?

MADISON, WI 53704-1441 (7.3 miles)



Thanks.  I've used Travis in the past.  I have a bunch of credits, returns, and gift cards to use to offset the driver cost at the BB.  The big box only has the 9.5 LH D2 and 3 shafts.  No bargain at any price.  Will go back to CCC to do it right.

Don O

As a f/u, I did take the free time at the BB store to try the 913.  What quickly evolved was the soft flex 12 degree Ping no longer fit my swing.  The blueboard regular and the 9.5 set to 11 on the D2 was pretty darn close to what the fitter wanted to see.  As my wife was still wincing about the 712 AP1s already this year, I found a 910 D2 with the Ihana regular flex used that I could afford.  After 2 times at a range and playing in 36 degrees (took a while to find a course open...) the driver did its share towards a 40 on the front nine.  Long and straight.  Adding a used 27 910H that matched my 24 910H, I will be clearling out all my non-Titleist clubs on e-Bay.  I've been at a 24 handicap, so the 4 over for 9 got me stoked.  The setting is B2 (LH), haven't had enough time to try both 10.5 and 11.25 yet.

I might be leaving something by not getting the 913, but I'm happy with the results.