Which 913 is right for me?

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Nick P

I tested both the D2 and D3 913's today. Wow! Very hot face, great feel, great sound, and sexy looking. Here's my problem... My miss is a hook. I also play on a course that has several right to left sloped fairways and I am a right handed player. Driving is the weakest part of my game. I have been told by a Titleist rep that the D2 is draw biased. But, I feel like I need it's forgiveness because workable drivers seem to exaggerate my misses. My goal is to hit baby fades because I feel I can control where the ball ends up, yet I seldom accomplish it. I love these drivers but could use some advice from my friends on here. Your thoughts, please! Thanks!

John V

  1. I had the same concerns at first too but still ended up ordering the 913D2 head rather than the 913D3.  I currently play the 910D2 with the RIP 60 shaft and my miss is a big hook.  I got my base line numbers with the 910D2 and then compared the 913D2 at Golf Galaxy in Roseville, MN.  Based on the launch monitor, I did not draw or hook the ball any more with the 913D2 than I already did with the 910D2.  I had a little higher ball speed number going from 156 to 159mph and I was able to increase my launch angle from about 8 degrees to 9 degrees when I made the switch from the RIP aplha 60 to the RIP Phenom 70.  Also demoed the 913D3 but I did not feel as comfortable with the shorter heel to toe look because my miss on the club face tends to be towards the toe.  Ordered the 913D2 in 10.5 loft with the Phenom RIP shaft with midsize Golf Pride Multi-Compound grip.

Nick P

Thank you, Cathi.  That is very helpful info and cleared up my misconception about the face angle. 

Nick P


Everything you described sounds a lot like my game, including the misses out on the toe.  That is very helpful and I appreciate you taking the time.  I do want to try the RIP 70, but the one they had in the fitting cart was damaged and would not "click" into a clubhead.  The only one I tried was a 60. 

Thanks again for your thoughts!