913 Drivers arriving this Friday???

Purchased my 913 yesterday. Played today, it is AWESOME! I tried to register it today and the website doesn't have the 913 in

the drop down window. What's up???

I ordered mine through Edwin Watts due to being overseas in Okinawa Japan. I can't wait to get it! I demoed it at a local Japanese golf shop and it is awesome!


Received my 913 D2 today, unwrapped it on the first tee and very happy with my purchase, Thank you Titleist!

Tried to complete 'product registration' for my club and 913 was not available in 'product model' drop box.

(Anticipate it will come in time.)  Cheers

Up here in Canada most of my customers received their pre orders on Nov 1st. With the other 2 coming the Monday and Tuesday after. Stock drivers were in shops on Nov1st as well as that was the release date from what I was told. Hopefully everyone else got theirs by now. Looks great but won't get to play it for another 2 weeks when I'm in vacation. 

Just traded in my 910 D3 9.5 for the 913 D2 9.5 with the Rip Phenom stiff shaft. I have a custom Voodoo VS6 stiff shaft I bought for the 910. Could you give me feedback on these two shafts and their performance in the 910?

Got the 913 Friday from my local Watts .... LOVE it !!  played today     anybody who's reading this thinking about whether it's worth changing from the 910    don't even ..   it's a BIG difference ...  great sound better weight balance thru the shot !   loved my 910 but i already forgot about it    :) 


Hi guys,

The tech team is in the process of updating the product registration page today and we hope to have everything updated by the end of the day today. Happy to hear that you all are enjoying the new 913's! I can't wait to get one into my bag as well.