Vokey wedges

I currently carry 52,56,60 vokey's.  I love them!!!  I am thinking about getting rid of my 9 iron and PW and using a 48 vokey for the wedge and a 46 vokey bent to 44 degrees for a 9-iron.  My thinking is that the more of these i can have in my bag, the more accurate I will be. 

I am curious what your thoughts are on this idea...

if you bent a 46 degree to a 44 you would just have to make sure it is a 9 iron length. Length of club makes a difference in length of shot. Otherwise I would say it is not a bad idea.

also check your gap between 8 and 9 to make sure you like that distance gap since a lot of 9 irons are 43 degrees.

Also if you use AP1 the 9 iron is 41*.

My setup is 3 wedges - AP1 PW, SM4 52-12 and 60-10 (bent to 59).  I was carrying SM3 50-08 (bent to 49) and 54-14.


Here are a few master peices from the Voke.  Special release Indigo Blue from 2011 and 2012



Those indigo wedges are sick.  Do you actually play them or do you just have them for a collection?

Very nice!!  I like the initials as well