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i'm 15 years old with a 7handycap.  i will be upgrading to a new set of irons and cant decide between the ap2 and the CB.  Ive Ben told the ap2 would be best for my game but I'm afraid i might outgrow them in a year or two.  i've also thought about halving a mixed set and upgrading to all CB irons later on  

any feedback would be helpfull.

Nick D

I'm surprised anyone would tell you that you'd outgrow the AP2s.  I purchased a set of 710's last year so in hopes that I'd never have to buy another set of irons no matter how much I've improved!  They are VERY workable and feel amazing.  Best thing to do would be to hit them side by side and see which feels best to you.  Probably can't go wrong with whatever you choose!  GL!

Florian S

Tour Pros play both ap2 and cbs. From my perspective it is more the question which club you like more reg. look, feel, workability...

But I won't call it "outgrowing"...

I personally love my 712 cbs and will keep them in my bag for the next decade ;-)



In 2010, I purchased the 710 AP2 and played well with them.  In 2012, I wanted to upgrade.  I purchased the 712 CB and quickly learned the "slightly less forgiving" is exaggerated.  In my opinion and experience, you have to be a consistent ball striker to play the Titleist CBs.  You will loose 5 - 15 yards on off center hits.  After playing the CB's for 2 months, I went back to my AP2.  My ball flight and distance are pretty consistent with the AP2 on center and off center hits.  When necessary, I can work the ball left and right with the AP2.  Like other post, I do not think you will outgrow the AP2.  Definitely demo both before making the decision.