Torque of Titleist Bassara

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The feel of Titlesit 913 D2/D3 with the red Bassara w50 shaft is still a little bit stiffer. As I know the torque of that shaft in R flex is 5.7, high. But the real feel of that club is not like those of  high torgue shafts.

Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

The torque value is only one component of the shaft.  There is also butt stiffness, tip stiffness and overall bend profile.  All contribute to the feel of the shaft at both the transition and at impact.  The butt stiffness is what you feel when you make the transition from backswing to downswing and the tip stiffness and torque is what you feel at impact.    I spoke with our shaft guru and he said that one unique property of the W shaft is that it is designed for US swingspeeds which means that the bend profile, and especially the butt frequency is stiffer than most other super lightweight shafts so that may be what you are feeling. 

As always, we would recommend a good fitter to help you select both the head and shaft for your swing.