909F2 13.5

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just bought a 13.5 siff flex with fit on max fujikura shaft from pro clubs direct. getting rid of the 15 degree to use this as an option off the tee without giving up much distance to the driver for accuracy. what are your guys thoughts on the 13.5 FW compared to the 15 and 17-19 degree fairway woods. Much success??

Quintin H

I use to use a 906 13* mainly off the tee, and when I hit it good it was good. My consistency wasn't too good, so for me I have found 10.5* driver is better.

Right now our setups are similar.

I'm using 904f 17*, 585.h 21*, 990B's

Normally I use 904f 15* then 904f 19* or 585.h 17*

John L

I currently use this club. I actually even use it from the fairway with no options. Its a great club and i have had alot of sucess with it.  now i run a 13.5 and a 17degree 4 wood set up.