CB Irons

Hi! Thinking of moving on to a nice set of new irons as a gift to myself. I have been using the 690CB for a long time. What would be the benefits on getting the new 712 CB's as a replacement? by the way...913 D3 is awesome!



The new 712 has a more superior appearance with a thinner topline and rounder head profile.  Through the compact head shape and shallower cavity, the 712 CB will offer more shot control and better feel then the 690CB.



Many thanks for the prompt reply. Will try to get a demo for me to hit a few balls on. Thanks


I used to play the 690's and upgraded to the 712s a few months ago. They are a much better looking and feeling club. I can work the ball both ways a lot easier to. Definatley a great upgrade

Thanks for the help. Cheers