Titleist 913 D3 Shaft Length

Hello, what is the shaft length for std 45" 913 D3 from Surefit tip to grip end?


The length of the shaft is 441/8".



Thanks for your quick reply. Mine came with 44" shaft even though it was ordered everything std (S+ stiff).. What can be done?

Mine was 44" depends sometimes on what grip was installed as some can vary in how thick/long the butt cap is on top of the cut shaft, 1/8" is not going to be noticeable for 99.999999999% of golfers. 

Yes, I agree that I won't be able to sell the difference.. Nothing much I can do especially when I cut my expensive shaft (AD-DI) to match the same 44" length (including the grip)

I am still curious though.. To be exact, to play 45" in 9.5 degree 913D3, the shaft length (from tip of the surefit to the end of the installed grip when pulled from the head) needs to be 44 1/8"?