910 D3 Adapter(or)

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Vancliff J

Driver Adapters

How can I get an Adapter(tor) that will take a .350 tip shaft and fit the 910D3 Driver?

Related question - Will the 910H Adapter take the .350 shaft and fit the 910D3 Driver?

Godfrey F

Hi Cathi

Does this mean that the 910h adapter that takes the 0.370 shaft will normally be specific to the 910 hybrid? i.e, Is there a 0.370 adapter that will fit the Drivers and Fairway woods?



Ken W

Only the hybrid adaptor will accept a .370 shaft. Generally, .370 tip diameter shafts are only for irons and hybrids and have maximum lengths of 41 inches. They won't yield the standard lengths for drivers and fairways when assembled even if you could find an aftermarket adaptor that would work in those heads.