AP1 vs AP2

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Garcia I

What are the main diferences between Ap1s and ap2s. What hdcp are they for? Tks

Lou G

The other thing is that AP1s are 2* stronger in loft vs the AP2s.  Suggestion for sand and gap wedge combo with AP1s is 50 and 54.

I have no need to carry an AP1 6 iron since I carry a 910H 27* hybrid.  I have the 7 iron set 2* strong and the 8 iron 1* strong to even the distance gaps; however I do have the 6 available (have it bent 2* weak) in the event I may decide to go to player irons.  AP1s are forgiving but still workable and are somewhat less of a GI iron vs an Eye 2.

stuart c

The big difference to me is the off set and the stronger lofts.  I think they both feel about the same, the AP2 is a little softer but not much when you test them with the same shafts.  I play the 712 AP1's since it is easier to square up and each club goes about 5 yards farther than the AP2's.  I had the 775's before for the same reason.  I do recommend a Vokey 50 to fill in the gap to the  Vokey 56.  My index is 3.  Hope this helps    

Miles B

Got the AP2 just recently. Used to be a 1-2, currently about a 6-7. Needed to upgrade my irons and hit both the AP2s and AP1s. The AP2s are more a players club in general. For me the set up more like a blade which I liked. Also they had a lower and more penetrating flight (via the monitor). As for feel, the AP2s were softer, but not a huge difference. I would say if your handicap is 12 or less go with the AP2s. Either way you won't be disappointed. Great sticks.