913 D2 9.5 Diamana D+ White 72

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913 D2 9.5 Diamana D+ White 72

I bought this club about a month ago replacing 907 D2 diamana blue and i just wanted to say that i'm in love with this driver.

I'm not sure if i gained more distance but feel, control, consistency, mis-shots got all better.

stuart c

Did you try the D+ White 62?  The 72 is to heavy for me so I got the 913 with the RIP 60 and am very happy with it.  Just wondering how the D+ 62 compared.  Thanks


you're probably talking about S+ Blue 62? 

i spent about an hour trying all 4 shafts.  I'm not sure how accurate my test was but on my good/ideal swing, 72 gave me the longest distance and on my average/bad swing, 72 gave me the narrowest (leaking to the left or to the right) distance from the center.

Although i don't think my swing speed is that high (95~100), i just felt like the heavier shaft gave me more stable feel.

i've always under estimated the value of a shaft until i upgraded to this one.


what is the major difference between lighter and heavier shaft on paper anyways?

when should one consider heavier over lighter or vice verse? 

Michael D

I picked mine up with the Diamana D+ White 72 and I have tended to hit it with a much higher trajectory but same distance as my Rombax 6x shaft. I don't have any experience with the other Diamana shafts other than the stock Ahina's in my fairway woods. What I really look forward to is the spring when I can really load up the shaft....little cold right now to really get a great feel. I also picked up a Oban Devotion 6 x which I have yet to give a go.

John L

Hey Mike. when you see me at the course next time ask me for my three wood. i just ordered a 13.5 with a speeder 8.2VC tour spec. basically a fairway wood shaft of the 7.2 you sold me. and i should have a new 5 wood in a week or two i put a v2 shaft in that one.