913 Fd 3 wood

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Zachary C

When will the 913 Fd 3wood be available? I love my 910 F I have now but i need a 3 wood with less spin. At first I was going to just switch to the 910 Fd,  but since the 913 3wood is coming out, i decided to wait and get the new 913 Fd 3 wood instead.

Bill L

Looking forward to the release of it.

Jimmy Bilsky III

Don O

The official release date is February, but Advanced Fitting Centers/Regional Centers do have or shortly will have stock for fittings for pre-orders.

If Titleist releases the woods like they did last time, the pre-orders will start to be available in February, and they will hit the shelves March 1st. I remember waiting around until march 2011 when I got my 910 fairway woods.