AP2 714 ?

Hi there I just wanted to know when the AP2 714 are going to be launched.  I usually upgrade irons every 4 to 5 years and I currently play the AP2 710 irons.  Any news on when these will be released?  Regards,  Tony

I'd bank on 4th quarter 2013

I'd agree with Dave!  Titleist launches most of their clubs in the fall, so look around June/July for them to hit the tour.  We can just hope that they stick to a classic look.  Saw some pics of TM's new drivers and they were the ugliest things I've ever seen!  Stay classy Titleist!

Thanks guys for the info.  If Titleist comes out with something ugly I'll get my 710's re finished and put new shafts in. Right now i got the project x 6.0 flighted and with the 714' s i was gonna order them with 6.5 non flighted and 1/2 inch over standard. the 6.0 feel a little to light for me.  I hit them fine just 6.5 feels better to me.  I hope they stay with that classic look as well .  We will have to see    thanks again guys.  

no doubt they will release them a day after i buy a new set. lol atleast thats my kinda luck

hey Richard, just be pacient and wait.  Thats what im gonna do ive been talking to some guys here in Vegas and they are all telling me the same thing 3 rd quarter of this year. 

I wish I could have waited but I switched from png Eye 2s that were 20 years old along with my old png Woods. Daddy had to get a new set along with a custom Scotty Cameron putter since my clubs were outdated and I needed to get back out there ASAP. Good luck on waiting your position is a little bit easier than mine. 

Spoke to titleist rep yesterday, he said they should be out sometime in november!!