Shaft question for AP2/MB combo set

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chris b

I am ordering a new set of clubs in the next couple weeks. I have been fitted but was looking for a bit of guidance on shaft selection. I narrowed my shaft search to the Project X 6.0 flighted and the KBS Tour Stiff+. I enjoyed hitting both but the KBS feel was amazing. I was hitting a 6 iron and felt my ball flight was just a bit higher than I would like (Texas windy player)...I am wondering about doing a mixed set of shafts as well with the Tour(7-W) and C-Taper (3-6). Has anyone done this? Would there be any issue doing this feel wise? To match the Stiff + I think a Stiff would work in the C-Taper, would that be accurate?

Thanks for the help

chris b

Thanks for the reply Yippy....When you were hitting the AP2 irons were you playing the entire set or were you playing a combo set? My home course is not long but is very tight and demands good placement on the very quick greens. This is why I thought the combo of AP2 and CB would work nicely. Right now Im playing a KZG combo which much like a CB/MB combo.


Chris - sorry I just noticed I put AP2 combo in my reply.  Sorry for the confusion but i was just playing normal set of AP2s 5-PW.  Used 21 and 24 deg 910 hybrids to round out the distances.