Custom Club order delay

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John L

So I'll give you alittle back story. Ordered a club on Dec 22nd. 13.5 910F 7Z08 X-stiff from TGW. come to find out titleist no longer offers, No biggie. on Dec 26th we updated the order to be the same club with the Speeder tour spec VC8.2 x-stiff. witch is an offline custome offer. witch i appreciate titleists extremly wide selection. my only thing is the club isnt expected to ship from titleist untill feb 8th. i know you guys have a three week window for custome orders. is there any special reason for haveing almost a 6 week delay on this one?



John L

Thanks Cathi, I appreciate the update. I hope to get luck and you guys recive the shaft early. again thanks for your help

Cheers greens and fairways to all